Collage photo frames

Say Cheese!

Frame your favourite memories with our collection of photo frames. We’ve got different styles and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your pictures. With the SKÅDIS pegboard, you can easily clip on your favourite pictures and just easily change them whenever you like. Or check out the KNOPPÄNG collage photo frame - it can hold up to 5 pictures and you can choose to frame vertically or horizontally. For something more unique check out the DROPS collage frame that’s designed to look like a film reel. It can hold up to 7 pictures and can be easily hung on a single hook.

For Your Favourite Memories

Have one too many pictures you want to frame? No worries, with our collection of collage photo frames you can frame them all and give each one the limelight it deserves! The SKÅDIS pegboard lets you put as many pictures as you like. The accessories are easy to fit anywhere on the board and plus you can even add accessories like small shelves and boxes so you can keep all the knick-knacks close at hand. Collage frames are the best way to showcase a particular motif or a series of pictures from the same vacation. Check out the KNOPPÄNG or the VÄXBO collage frame that’s perfect to showcase your pictures from your honeymoon or the last family vacation you went to. The black KNOPPÄNG frame can hold up to 5 pictures and the white VÄXBO frame can hold up to 8. Also, check out the YLLEVAD collage frame - it’s neat, clean design is sure to make your pictures look prettier. For something less traditional and more fun, check out the DROPS collage frame. We designed it to look like a film reel. It can hold up 7 photos and can be hung by just using a single hook.

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