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Transform your room with pendant lights to create focal points.

IKEA’s range of pendants is thoughtfully designed to be both practical as well as decorative. The timeless hanging lights complement a range of styles from classic to contemporary. Pendants add style to the room by day and by night they transform the mood of the room. The IKEA PS 2014 is a unique award-winning ceiling lamp that captures everybody’s attention and creates a focal point in the room as well as being versatile in easily switching from bright to dim light.

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More optionsFYRTIOFYRA Pendant lamp 38 cm (15 ")

FYRTIOFYRA Pendant lamp, white/black, 38 cm

More optionsSKAFTET / MOLNART Pendant lamp with light bulb

SKAFTET / LUNNOM Pendant lamp with light bulb, nickel-plated/globe clearSKAFTET / MOLNART Pendant lamp with light bulb, nickel-plated/ellipse shaped multicolour
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IKEA’s hanging lights take you from bright lighting where children can play and do their homework to romantic mood lighting for that special date night. Their classic styles easily fit into a home’s existing lighting. The avant-garde ceiling lamp designs such as GRIMSÅS and SKYMNINGEN catch the eye and are highly innovative and decorative. Rustic designs such as ÄPPELVIKEN have tealight and candle holders that can transform a room into a quaint romantic setting in minutes. The easiest way to reinvent your interiors is with carefully chosen ceiling lamps. Our pendants have been designed to visually help separate zones in a room just by using ceiling lamps. Highlight a focal point in your room with a light-focusing pendant. Our pendant hanging lights can also be matched with our wall lamps, spotlights, floor lamps, a choice of bulbs and other lighting products.

Where do I use a chandelier?

Chandeliers catch your eye and attention. They can be used in any room in the house as an integral part of the room decor. Chandeliers of different sizes can be used in the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen and even a walk-in closet. It is important that the chandelier that you select matches and enhances the decor style that you have chosen. 

Tips for buying chandeliers

  1. Measure your room and choose the right size for your space
  2. Choose the right chandelier height for your ceiling
  3. Choose a chandelier style appropriate to the room decor
  4. Keep in mind that many small bulbs will create a much brighter light than one bulb’s rating indicates
  5. You should check if the ceiling will support the weight of the chandelier that you choose
  6. Try and buy a chandelier that is dimmable. Use a dimmer switch with the correct rating

Centering a Pendant light

A chandelier should be centred to the room or to the main piece of furniture in the room. For example, in the living room, it should be in the centre of the seating arrangements and in the dining room, right over the middle of the dining table. If you have an open plan home, a chandelier is a good way to demarcate each area. Let the furniture placement dictate the placement of the chandeliers. 

The right size 

The size of the chandelier should not overwhelm the proportions of the room. A thumb rule for the ideal chandelier size is to add the length of the room in feet to the width of the room in feet. This total number in inches should be the approximate diameter of the chandelier in inches. 

10 feet x 10 feet room needs 16 inches to 20 inches wide chandelier

12 feet x 12 feet room needs 22 inches to 28 inches wide chandelier

14 feet x 14 feet room needs 24 inches to 32 inches wide chandelier

If your room is very narrow, let the width of the room dictate the chandelier size. A chandelier that is very busy will seem larger than it is and one that is simple in design will seem smaller or lighter in the room. A good rule for choosing a chandelier for the dining room would be to ensure that the chandelier width is at least 12 inches less than the dining table width. Foyers that do not have much furniture can support a larger chandelier without looking too busy. 

The right chandelier height

When choosing a multi-layer chandelier for a living room or foyer, consider the height of the ceiling. There should be at least 7 feet between the bottom of the chandelier and the flooring.  For dining rooms or the kitchen island, the bottom of the chandelier should be at least 30 to 32 inches above the table top or worktop

Choosing the pendant style

The style of the room dictates the style of the chandelier that you choose. A traditional room would be the ideal setting for a classic style of chandelier. There are many modern and futuristic designs that would match contemporary interiors. Rustic chandeliers add to the atmosphere of a more rustic or industrial style interior. For kitchens, choose a model that would be easy to clean. 

Crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are a traditional favourite that has weathered changing styles of decor. Some contemporary pieces use crystals for the distinctive glamour and richness that they add to the lighting.