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Ceiling lamps

Let The Light Shine Down From Above!

Ceiling lamps make an attractive fixture in any home. With different styles, materials, and shapes, we’re sure you’ll find one from our collection to match your room’s decor and your taste. Keep it rustic with the beige SOLLEFTEÅ lamp or add a contemporary touch with the frosted glass CALYPSO. You can pick a light to match your home's aesthetic. Our ceiling lamps fit in any area of your home. Get lamps like the rust-proof FRIHULT to light up your bathroom or the KATTARP for some general lighting in your workspaces.

Light Up Your Rooms With An Inviting Glow 

Fix them to the ceiling and let them brighten up your rooms. Our ceiling lights come in stylish designs, shapes, and materials that you can match to your decor. Want something natural and rustic? We’ve got the SOLLEFTEÅ beige lamp with a rice paper shade. It gives out a warm, diffused light and bathes your room in a pleasant glow. Or you can check out our CALYPSO frosted glass lamp for something more modern. Add a different lampshade and use an opal bulb to create a mellow aesthetic with this one! With a soft, round shape, our FRIHULT lamps look timeless and are perfect for lighting up your hallways. They are rust-proof, so you can use them in the bathroom as well. And if you want some general lighting for your reading, kitchen or study areas, the nickel-plated KATTARP is designed with a glass shade that keeps the light steady and glare-free.

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