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Ceiling spotlights

Shine The Spotlight On Your Favourites

Highlight your bookshelf, art collection or that favourite piece of decor with our selection of ceiling spotlights that come with adjustable arms and spots. You can have a look at our BAROMETER range that comes in stunning nickel-plated or brass colours or check out our HEKTAR range that adds a rustic touch to your room. The SKURUP and NYMÅNE collections have a timeless quality to them, and with their black and white tones, respectively, they will blend effortlessly with your interior space.

Light Up Your Interior Space

Take your interiors to the next level with our collection of BAROMETER ceiling spotlights. Available in brass-coloured and nickel-plated versions, these spotlights shine a light on your lovely accessories, expensive paintings or closet space while adding the desired atmosphere to your room. Our HEKTAR ceiling track lights, consisting of three large lamps, are inspired by old factories and lend a rustic charm to the ambience. If you want a neat, timeless feel you can take a look at our NYMÅNE range with its elegant design and SKURUP ceiling spotlights with their rugged, metal build. Flexible and practical, these ceiling spotlights are suitable for any part of the home. As the lamps come with adjustable arms it becomes easier for you to direct the light where you choose.

Also, check out our collection of energy-saving and long-lasting LED light bulbs to add the desired intensity and colour to your spotlights.