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PAX wardrobes with doors

Your Stylish Clothes Deserve A Great Wardrobe

We think your wardrobes need to be smart enough to consider your storage and style needs, that’s why we’ve come up with the PAX wardrobes with doors. You can create different combinations with shelves, drawers and interior fittings to get the right home for your jeans, sarees and shirts. From stained oak to frosted glasses and mirror finishes, choose the doors and frames that fit in with the rest of your interiors. Get some organisers and integrated lighting, and your wardrobes are good to go!

More Room For More Shopping And More Style For Your Interiors

Sarees, shirts, suits and watches - everything you own in its proper place, that’s the dream behind our PAX wardrobes and doors. And of course, to look stylish while doing it. Play with the shelves and drawers combinations till you get the perfect closet! Our white PAX/KOMPLEMENT combo provides a traditional look and ample room. The Tyssedal glass fronts enclose adjustable shelves while the integrated dampers close the doors gently, so your spouse’s morning sleep isn’t disturbed. Check out our PAX wardrobes with frosted glass fronts that look great combined with integrated lighting or get the ones with mirror finishes so your wardrobe can tell how a dress looks on you and not just store it. And if you’re tight on space, there are the PAX wardrobes with doors for corner spaces. Their metal shoe shelf gives you more room for your new pairs of heels. Like to change things up? Our sliding wardrobes come with a dual black-brown oak stain - just turn the panels around for a new look!

Complete our PAX range with some wardrobe lighting, organisers and clothes boxes for a truly smart closet.