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Mattress toppers

Top-Level Comfort For Better Sleep

Make naptimes comfier by adding our mattress toppers on your bed. They keep the mattress protected too! Choose the material and thickness that feel best to you. Select the TUSSÖY memory foam topper that moulds to your body or get the TUDDAL made of high resilience foam for a firmer sleeping surface. From a foam filling that makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine to a latex-wool mix that relieves the pressure on your muscles - we have got different fillings to suit your needs. Keep your bed fresh and cosy - the removable covers are machine-washable while the toppers can be aired regularly.

Mattress toppers is the best the best way to keep your mattress fresh and lively at all times. Let’s say you have a mattress you like, but it’s just a little bit too soft. Sometimes you feel like you’re sinking in too deep in the mattress. In those cases, a firmer mattress topper can help. You still get your soft mattress, but the firmer mattress topper helps distribute your body weight over the mattress, so the sinking sensation is minimized.

On the other hand, you might have a firm bed mattress to give your body support when sleeping, but you’d still like to feel a bit of a soft cushy feeling when you lay down in bed. In a case like that, a softer thicker mattress topper could be just what you need to get the best of both worlds – firm support and a soft cushy feeling in bed.

Keep your bed fresher

A mattress topper also helps you keep your bed fresher and your mattress in better condition. The mattress topper absorbs moist and sweat from you body instead of letting it sink into the mattress. The topper is then easy to clean, you can easily take it out of bed and air the whole thing. Some of our mattress toppers also have covers that can be removed and machine washed, making them even easier to keep clean and fresh.

If you like eating or drinking in bed and are worried about spilling, we’d recommend you get a mattress protector. They are easy to machine wash and you can put them on top of both a mattress topper or directly on the mattress.

Create a double bed of two singles

Some couples have two different mattresses for different firmness and different needs. But they still want to sleep together, which makes them push the two mattresses together, or even put them in the same bed frame. And that tends to create an annoying gap or edge between the two mattresses. An easy solution is putting a mattress topper over both the mattresses, just chose a topper for a double bed that fits the width of both your mattresses, and voila – you’ve gotten rid of the gap or edge!

Get some mattress & pillow protectors to keep your toppers and bedding clean.