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Baby cot mattresses

Because A Well-Rested Child Is Every Parent’s Dream

A well-rested child is a happy child. That's why our cot mattresses provide a comfortable, snug environment for their naps. We keep every safety detail in mind, from using sustainable, skin-friendly materials to zippers that your kid cannot play with. So take your pick from our SKÖNAST, KRUMMELUR, or PELLEPLUTT mattresses and wish your little one sweet dreams. Their covers are removable too, so you can wash them in case of any accidents. And there’s always our LENAST mattress protector to keep things waterproof.

Feels As Soft As A Cloud

Your little one deserves a good night’s sleep, and our cot mattresses keep them comfy. We’ve designed them with your little one's safety in mind! Our SKÖNAST is made of pressure-relieving, high resilience foam that takes the shape of your kid’s body - relaxing after a day of playing, crawling, and growing. It’s even got a little pocket too for you tuck in the zipper! Or you can check out our KRUMMELUR cot mattresses with two different surfaces. The wavy side has medium-firm comfort while the smoother one is firmer - whatever keeps your kid happier, or should we say sleepier! We’ve also got the PLUTTIG with smooth surfaces on both sides, so you can flip it from time to time. It’s easy to wipe down too! And our PELLEPLUTT with its child-safe design is committed to keeping your tot safe and cosy. Kids will be kids, so invest in our waterproof LENAST mattress protector to keep the bed free of stains and your little one’s resting area hygienic. It provides good ventilation too!

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