Legs & trestles

It’s As Simple As Choosing Pants For Your Shirts!

Like being in charge? Choose a tabletop and some legs & trestles and create your dream furniture. Mix and match different styles and materials until you get a combination you like. Adapt your table to a sitting or standing desk with the adjustable IDÅSEN underframe or choose to add more storage space with our solid wood FINNVARD. We’ve got the simpler ones, like the chrome-plated GERTON that blend well with most tabletops and functional ones like the KRILLE, whose lockable castors make your desk easy to lug around. Your table, your choice!

Complete The Design On Your Customised Table

After you’ve chosen the perfect tabletop, go ahead and pick out matching legs & trestles from our collection. Having a customised table makes it easier for it to adapt to your needs. Like the IDÅSEN underframe which you can use to create a standing or sitting desk, whichever’s more comfortable. It’s perfect for your home office as we’ve designed it with a cable management feature to organise your wires. You can use it with any size of a tabletop as the IDÅSEN is extendable. Looking for a hobby desk? Our solid wood FINNVARD trestle can be adjusted to create a tilt to your tabletop - perfect for drawing or painting. It’s even got a shelf at the bottom to store your art accessories. Or you can get the KRILLE legs with lockable castors. They make it so easy to move your computer or console table to any room in the house. And if you’re looking for legs & trestles that are versatile, the GERTON chrome-plated legs match a number of tabletops and come with plastic feet to protect your floor.