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Knives For Every Job At Hand (Only In The Kitchen Of course!) 

Cutting chicken or peeling vegetables, good knives are essential for a fully functional kitchen. Check out the JÄMFÖRA set of 3 knives complete with a knife block - we gave the knife blade a ceramic non-stick coating so it’s easy to clean. For a stainless steel set, check out the IKEA 365+ 3-piece knife set - the groves on its handle give you a secure, firm grip so you can work fast and safe. And for a set of carving knife and fork, check out the VÖRDA collection - the blade is narrow and pointed so you can easily cut thin slices of fresh cucumber or separate meat from the bone.

For Perfectly Diced Vegetables 

Knives of the finest quality and the safest to use. All our knives have a secure grip so you can work quickly and only concentrate on making the food delicious! Our JÄMFÖRA knives have a synthetic rubber handle for a firm grip and it also comes with a knife block so you can store the knives safely. Check out our specialist knives from the IKEA 365+ collection - you’ll find a knife for every need from vegetable knife to a utility knife. You can also get a knife block from the same series to store and protect your knives so it lasts and stays sharp longer. You can also check out the FÖRSLAG 3-piece knife set that includes 2 cook’s knives and 1 paring knife. The blade is made of stainless steel while its handle is of synthetic rubber for a firmer grip. And our paring knives from the SKALAD collection comes with a knife protector so you can safely store it in your kitchen drawer or pack it in your picnic basket. 

Also, pick your knives’ favourite companion - check out our collection of durable chopping boards to purchase with your knife!