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Kitchen utensils

Food prep is super easy with efficient, easy to clean kitchen tools

Cooking is as much about enjoying the process as it is about the finished dish. Good kitchen accessories make even routine cooking chores a pleasure. Our range of kitchen utensils offers you tools that range from the traditional ÄDELSTEN hard marble pestle and mortar to the ultra modern KLOCKREN colander. The KLOCKREN colander is made of silicone and is fully collapsible to be stored flat. It can also be used as a pasta or steamer insert and has a stable bottom edge.

Kitchen utensils and tools that bring the joy back to food prep

Kitchen accessories that are designed for comfort and efficiency save time and effort and make cooking more fun. Every one of the utensils in our collections has been designed to be as useful, efficient and easy to clean as possible. Our SKALAD and SMÅBIT knives come with knife protectors to protect the blade when the knife is placed in a drawer. The SMÅBIT knife is particularly good as a beginner knife to teach children to use as it has a secure grip with a rounded edge that prevents fingers from slipping off the handle to the blade. It also has a rounded blade tip. The MÄRKBART and KVALIFICERA kitchen scissors as well as the STÄM can opener are designed to be used just as easily by both left and right handed people. The IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL grater can be used in both directions and also on both sides. It also has a nifty container that collects gratings.