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Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best and you can't get much simpler than bathroom coat hooks. We have a large range including double and multi hooks in different styles and materials. We even have hooks that go over the top of your door so you don't have to drill any holes in the wall.

Uses of hooks

The most common hooks in households are coat hooks. We often use them to hang coats, clothes and towels. But, they are helpful for many other purposes as well:

  • To display and hang belts, scarves and dupattas
  • To sort and store bags and purses
  • To hang keepsakes and other found objects
  • To display and hang teacups by their handles
  • To display necklaces and other jewellery in an easy to access manner
  • To hang an ironing board
  • To hold hair dryers and other appliances designed to be stored hanging
  • You can use decorative hooks to display art and craftwork
  • To hang umbrellas
  • To sort and hang tools
  • To hang decorative planters
  • To support rods to hold paper rolls

How to use hooks as decor

Hooks are convenient additions to a room. Decorative hooks also act as wall decor. Ornate or gilt hooks add a touch of practical glamour to the back of a door or a small section of the wall in your foyer. Colourful and fun hooks are a subtle yet functional way to add a splash of colour to a wall. 

You can also use hooks with a theme to add more meaning to your display. For example, the BÄSTIS hook that looks like a dog is ideal for hanging your dog’s harness and leash. It makes the items decorative as well as easily accessible. Chair shaped and animal-shaped hooks are fun and encourage children to learn how to hang their clothes and jackets. 

Choosing a hook

The main factor in choosing a hook is its suitability for its uses. Load bearing hooks must suit the weight you intend to use them for. Choose rounded or rubberised hooks to hang delicate items like jewellery. For smaller spaces, use low profile knob hooks that do not take much room. 

Hooks with shelves

Hooks with shelves can take the place of a coat hanger in a tiny home. They provide a handy shelf to store your keys and wallet while also hounding your coat, hat and bag. 

Over the door hooks

If you cannot screw hooks onto your door, using an over the door hanger is a great solution. It is ideal for those who are renting and cannot add hooks to wardrobe or bathroom doors. 

Vertical hanger

Vertical hangers are a great way to hang multiple items when there is more vertical wall space than horizontal. An eye-catching design such as the SNYGGING vertical rack is very decorative even when it is not in use. 

Trouser and skirt hangers

How you store clothes has an impact on how they look and how long they last. Hanging trousers or skirts over a traditional hanger makes them prone to fold creases. Using a trouser or skirt hanger holds them secure while ensuring that they are crease-free. 

Suction cup hooks

It is challenging to fix hooks on tiled walls. Suction cup hooks use the tile’s smooth surface to create a vacuum that holds the hook in place. You can fix suction cup hooks without drilling any holes, and you can move them as you please.