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Cutlery sets

Enjoy Your Meal In Style

Add a personal touch to your table setting with our collection of cutlery sets ranging from stainless steel full cutlery sets or just set of knives and spoons. Check out the TILLGAD 24-piece cutlery set in matt black. This cutlery set made of metallised stainless steel brings a lot of style and elegance to the table. Looking for something simple for everyday use? Then check out the IKEA 365+ 56-piece cutlery set - just stick it in the dishwasher after your meal and take that deserving nap after lunch!

Eating Right Also Means Using The Right Cutlery

A big dinner party with family and friends or just a quiet meal with your loved one - we have cutlery sets in different styles to suit whatever the occasion is. Check out the TILLGAD cutlery set that will definitely bring some elegance to your table setting. With clean lines and its matt black colour, it’s perfect to whip out whenever you have some special guests over! And for everyday use we have the MOGEN cutlery set - we gave this stainless steel cutlery an outer covering so it’s easier to grip on to while still looking good. And combining style and functionality is the BUBBLOR cutlery set - we gave its handle a fun bubble effect where it looks like the handle is filled with water and air bubbles. And to add a traditional vibe to the table, check out the SKUREN cutlery set. With delicate details and soft, ruffled edges, this cutlery set has a rustic feel to it while still being elegant. And most of our cutlery is dishwasher safe so you can join in the after-meal conversations and let your dishwasher do the work!