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#IKEAhomestories - Episode 4

Welcome to Trishna’s home

Trishna is an IKEA Family member and lives in an apartment in Pune with her husband, Abhishek, and their charming 2 year-old-daughter, Ira.

They spend most of their time in the living room but don’t have enough space for all their needs: relaxing, socialising, dining, and playing with Ira.


Three-seater sofa where the family likes to relax in the evenings.

TV wall with two dining chairs, and a storage unit where Ira keeps her toys.

Fixed dining table

Balcony with limited space for people to relax.


Sofa or bed – why not both?

To solve Trishna’s need for a flexible space, we added the FRIHETEN sofa-bed. Whether she and Abhishek want to relax and watch TV, socialise with family, or need an extra bed when guests stay over – this sofa works for all!

What’s more? It also has a storage section that can be used to place extra bedding.

Rise to the occasion.

Trisha needed a multifunctional table where Ira could draw comfortably, and the family could sit together for meals.

So we added PÅHL – a desk that can be adjusted for multiple heights! Not only will this desk grow as Ira grows, but it can also be placed against the wall so she has more space to play in the living room.

Store for show – or to hide.

Living rooms can get cluttered easily, so we added the BESTÅ storage solution. Now Trishna and Abhishek can store all the items they don’t use regularly, like remotes and wires. And they can also display all the items they’re proud to show – like decorations and pretty crockery!

Lights for every mood.

We wanted to add a calm and relaxing atmosphere to the home, so we added a variety of lights to serve different purposes - reading lights to keep the eyes healthy; track lights on the ceiling to give a good general light; cabinet lights to display decoratives, and solar-powered pendant lamps in the balcony to set the mood for evenings.

The new date spot.

We believe relaxing outdoors should be part of everyone’s life at home. Trishna’s balcony initially had no room for her to relax and enjoy the view. So with a range of outdoor solutions, we converted it into a comfy spot where she and Abhishek can catch up after a long day of work.

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With the help of IKEA experts and a wide range of home furnishing solutions, watch the full story of Trishna’s living room makeover in this inspiring journey.

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