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Home furnishing accessories combinations

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When it comes to comfort, we are all different. That’s why we at IKEA never stop trying to find new solutions that fit all your needs.

For the love of monochrome homes

Greys for relaxing days

Snuggle in with some soothing greys. Take a break from a hectic day and relax.

Your favourite corner of the house

Make your favourite corner a little more homely with soothing decor and some music. All you have to do is sit back and unwind.

Bedside must-haves

A cosy bed deserves a cosy bedside. Let the first thing you see in the morning be delicate, calming hues of pink.

Decor that adds magic to any room

Decor that ties beauty with simplicity

Sometimes all you need to add life to a corner is a uniquely designed vase and a pop of floral. 

It’s the touch of Midas

Humble yet bold, these striking pieces will make your home look like a million bucks.

For the perfect candlelight dinner

Looking to have an at-home date night? We have just the products that will set the romantic vibe! Have a date with yourself or your significant other, basking in the warmth of these beautiful candles. 

Classic frames to capture every moment

Class-up your favourite corners with bold, black frames that add a sophisticated touch to any room

Traditional, trusted, timeless decor 

If you’re into minimal but classy decor, we have you covered. With these simple but elegant pieces, you can add a classic touch to any nook and cranny.

For the foodie-chef in you

Things are steaming up in your kitchen.

From healthy greens to delicious momos, cook up your favourite delicacies with these products. After all, who doesn’t like some steaming hot, scrumptious meals?

It’s time to reach for the jars

These glass jars do a lot more than just bringing aesthetic vibes to your kitchen. With their airtight lids, you can preserve your pickles and jams, keep those biscuits crisp as ever.

Your companion for when the day ends 

The perfect way to unwind at the end of the day is with a light evening snack and a refreshing beverage. Sprinkle a little pink to your evenings with these products and just relax.

Did someone say ‘tea party’?

No morning or evening is complete without tea. Grab this beautiful combination of products and add a splash of magic to your tea-time

For those with more than just a green thumb

The perfect kit to nurture your seedlings

Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for new ways to nurture your plants, these tools are exactly what your garden needs.

Give your houseplants a cute makeover

Add a little soft, pastel aura to your home garden with these pieces. Our collection includes beautiful pots and adorable watering cans - everything you need for an aesthetic garden.

Your enchanted indoor garden

 Always wanted an enchanted garden but found it tough to keep your plants alive? Find the perfect solution with these decorative plants.

A soothing touch to your greens

Add a calming vibe to your home with the perfect way to display your gorgeous green-corner. 

Let there be light


For en-lightening bedtime stories

Let your kids turn to brighter ‘happily-ever-afters’ by lighting up their rooms and smiles with these products

The romantic spark you need

Add to the romance in your home with some gorgeous soft mood-lighting, delicate decor and some woodsy potpourri. Unwind, relax and breathe

Messy to mess-free, in a jiffy

Relax and reorganise

Who says reorganising is a tedious task? Just grab your things and leave the rest up to our handy-dandy TJENA storage box. 

A workplace that won’t slow you down

Some believe a messy desk is a sign of genius. If you’re a genius who wants to stand out, these products will help you level up your productivity.