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Circular Hub

A second chance for IKEA furniture

If you like to pursue opportunities when they arise and you care about the environment and the planet, then our Circular store is just what you need.

You will find everything from discontinued products to ex-display products from our showroom and display shelves throughout the store that might have some slight cosmetic loss but are still functional and safe to use.

Give all of these products a second chance, and save some money too! Good for your pocket and the planet. It's a win-win.

How can I buy from the online Circular Hub store?

Follow these simple steps and discover all the circular products available in our stores. Go to the Circular store, then select your nearest one.

  • Choose a product that suits your needs. Check the condition of the product by looking at the photos and reading the comments. Log in using your IKEA or IKEA Family username. If you're not already a member, join through this link. It's free.
  • Click the Book button. This will reserve the product for you in your chosen store until it closes on the day after your reservation. This gives you time to plan your visit to the store.
  • Go to your chosen store within this time frame and make your way to the Circular Hub (formerly 'As-is') where you can collect your product. Go to the checkouts to pay and enjoy giving your product a new home.
  • Remember that we may contact you to follow up on your reservation and provide you with our Hub product consultation services.

Important to note:

  • Delivery services are not available for Circular Hub products.
  • Circular Hub products are not eligible for returns or exchange.

What condition are Circular Hub products in?

The products available in the Circular Hub come to us in a number of ways:

  1. Discontinued products that are no longer being sold in-store, but that deserve one last chance because they are in perfect condition.
  2. Display products from our Showroom that have inspired so many customers and deserve a home, where they can perform their main function.
  3. Products with some cosmetic damage — although they aren't perfect, they are still fully functional. It's the beauty of imperfection.

Given the varying condition of the products in our Circular Hub, you will receive the product as described. Whether it's in its original packaging or fully assembled, you will buy the product as-is.

Which stores offer collection?

This is currently available at the following store:

  • IKEA Navi Mumbai
    1. IKEA Circular Hub is meant for IKEA Family Members only. To book the product, please log in with your IKEA Family credentials.
    2. IKEA Family members can view the Products and reserve them online, however the purchase must be completed at the respective store, upon physical inspection of goods.
    3. Products can be reserved online for a period of 48 hours only. Reservation of the product will stand cancelled after the completion of the stipulated time. No extensions can be made to the reservation period.
    4. There are no charges for reservation or change of mind after inspecting goods.
    5. These Products are either damaged, not first-quality, returned and refurbished articles. These are called ‘AS-IS’ and sold in the same condition shown, either in assembled form or in dissembled Do-it-Yourself condition.
    6. The condition of the product, any damage will be displayed and described on the individual product page on the website. Please inspect individual Products carefully to ascertain the exact condition of the product before you make a reservation; as well as at the store before completing the purchase.
    7. These products are not eligible for returns.
    8. These products are not eligible for warranty or guarantee. Any express or intended product warranties shall also not apply.
    9. Delivery service is not available for these Products. Transportation of the product from the store needs to be arranged by the customer. Delivery of circular hub Products cannot be combined with other Products purchased either at the store or online.



    1. The Customer hereby undertakes to have understood terms & conditions, such purchases made are at buyer/s own risk, shall not hold IKEA culpable of any liability including but not limited to all negligence or tort.
    2. These are No warranty/ No guarantee and non-returnable/non-refundable Products sold in ‘AS-IS where is’ condition.
    3. Absolves IKEA of any/all direct or indirect losses incurred by the buyer.
    4. Further, it is purely at the discretion of IKEA to change or alter the product online reservation to store-purchase lead time as found fit, without providing any advance notice.