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Back to school/ College

Make school days the best days

With school starting, make sure your child is prepared for some joyful learning. Take a look at our desks that support us through hours of homework (and playtime!). We also have smaller items like chargers and snacks to keep the energy up.

A desk that grows with you

Growing up, kids change from year to year. A PÅHL desk will support them every step of the way. Life changes fast, but the furniture doesn’t have to!

See all children's desks
See all children's desks

Must haves to create the perfect study space for your kids

Ensure your child has the perfect environment to prepare for the upcoming exams. Explore these effortless tips by IKEA to make the exam time a little less stressful.

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Study/work lamps

A well-lit environment helps in concentration and relieves eye strain - especially using light levels similar to daylight. Setting up a study space next to a window is ideal. You can also recreate daylight using our lamps that have a similar light spectrum to natural sunshine.

Boost their energy

When studying gets tough, you need strategies to keep the energy up. Maybe it’s finding a space to do some exercise or stocking up on nutritious snacks. Using ergonomic workspace solutions also keeps you going for longer.

Home furnishing accessories combinations

When it comes to comfort, we are all different. That’s why we at IKEA never stop trying to find new solutions that fit all your needs. Go ahead and shop the look.

Lighten up your workday 

Sometimes, it’s the small changes that can lead to big boosts in productivity! A neat workspace can help you focus on the task at hand and avoid distractions.

Get ready

Make getting ready for school/college an effortless activity. Keep everything handy - from towels to toiletries and you will be ready to kickstart your day in no time.

Take that much-needed break

Make your lunch-time a little more unwinding with our food storage collection. Our DAGKLAR jars will make sure that you have space to store those extra snacks.  Relax, unwind and let that break feel like a break.​

Your personalised dorm

Starting college is a chance to be yourself or create yourself. To choose a style you like for your study space.

Be tidy one at college

Happiest when things are in their place? Because we’re all about making student life easier, with solutions for organising your home and everything in it.