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IKEA Live Lagom community

The Swedish secret to leading a more sustainable life

The small changes you make can have a big impact – that’s the philosophy that powers our Live Lagom community.

The Swedish phrase “Lagom är bast” means “the right amount is best” and we believe that’s the key to sustainable living. 

Use just the right amount of what you need – whether it’s food, energy or water – and leave the rest for the planet.

  • We’ve been supporting IKEA customers and co-workers in the Live Lagom community with products, workshops and advice to help them lead healthier and more responsible lives without sacrificing what they love.

    If you’re inspired by their experiences, join the community and find out how easy and rewarding it is to #livelagom

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The Lagom Collection

 Inspiration for living sustainably without extra cost

 Lagom means using just the right amount to live. That’s why our new Lagom Collection is filled with ideas, inspiration and tips to give things you already own a new lease of life. Reduce waste, save money and be more sustainable.

Small changes with a big impact

Food fresh from the garden

When Ana joined the Live Lagom community, she soon proved that you don’t need to have much outdoor space in order to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

She started planting in pots on her windowsill in Glasgow and now that she has a garden, she and her family enjoy cherries, lemons, olives and tomatoes that they grow themselves.

The kitchen that helped a chef eat better

Chef and nutritionist Nureen transformed the kitchen in her London home by taking small steps towards a more sustainable life.  

Being part of the Live Lagom community changed the way she organised her food storage and preparation, and now she eats more healthily and produces far less waste.

Stylish sustainability in a student flat

Tristan from Belfast threw himself into the Live Lagom community – and brought his flatmates with him.

Among the changes this style-conscious product design student made was using LED fairy lights, as well as textiles like rugs and curtains, to make his flat feel warmer and to keep the drafts out.

Make a difference without leaving your home

At IKEA, we have loads of products and solutions to help you save energy and water, reduce waste, live more healthily and save money. They may seem like small things, but that’s the beauty of small actions – they all add up.

Saving energy

We’re serious about helping you cut your energy usage. Our range includes LED lighting and solar home solutions, while energy-saving appliances like induction hobs, washing machines and fridges mean you can keep your costs down as well as reducing your impact on the planet.

Saving water

Our Lagomers discovered all sorts of ways to use less water, making small adjustments to everything from brushing their teeth to doing the washing up. At IKEA, all our showers are energy-efficient, helping you save up to 30% more water compared to regular showers, without noticing a difference in water pressure.

Waste recycling

Reducing how much waste you produce is easily done and can have a huge impact on the planet. Create customised recycling solutions that suit your home and lifestyle by using sorting bins from our PLUGGIS and SORTERA ranges. This will allow you to get organised and recycle without too much effort.

Healthy living

Eating well doesn’t only have a positive impact on your mind and body – it can help the environment, too. Choosing sustainably sourced meats and opting for more plant-based products benefits the planet because these foods require fewer resources to make and have a smaller carbon footprint.