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For the home we share – creating a more sustainable future, together

Over the last year, people around the world have come together to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Let us now all work together to tackle the climate crisis and emerge stronger, as the world prepares to renew its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement at COP26. Here’s what we’re doing to play our part.

Creating a climate positive and fully circular IKEA by 2030

We know we have a huge responsibility – and opportunity – to be a part of tackling the climate crisis. As part of our People and Planet Positive strategy, we’re working towards IKEA becoming climate positive by 2030, reducing more greenhouse gas emissions than our value chain emits. We’re also committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, working towards a 1.5°C future.

We’re proud of the changes we’ve implemented and the progress we’ve made – for our business, our customers and our planet. Yet there’s still so much more we can and will do.​

Energy – 100% renewable energy and increased efficiency

We’re phasing out fossil fuels and investing heavily in wind and solar power – both on and offsite – and switching to renewable heating and cooling in our buildings. By 2030, we’re aiming to be powered by 100% renewable energy across the IKEA value chain.

  • Since 2009, we’ve invested EUR 2.5 billion in renewable energy
  • We now own more than 935,000 solar panels on IKEA stores and other buildings
  • We have 715,000 offsite solar panels and 547 wind turbines in 14 countries
  • Our total installed renewable energy power is more than 1.7 Gigawatts – enough to power 1 million European households
  • Since 2015, the whole IKEA lighting range has been LED based
  • We’ve sold 523 million LED bulbs since 2010


And across the UK and Ireland:

  • 100% Renewable energy for all stores
  • All our stores have energy efficient LED lighting in place
  • IKEA Greenwich has received an ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM certification – the highest award for sustainable construction. In reaching ‘Outstanding’, it has achieved the highest rating ever reached by an IKEA store anywhere in the world
  • IKEA Exeter store has achieved – BREAM “Excellent” rating
  • 13 IKEA stores in UK have solar panels installed
  • 6 stores have their heating and cooling powered by renewable energy, meaning that they don't require fossil fuels
  • All IKEA stores in UK and IE offer customer EV charging points
  • 5 IKEA stores in UK have rain water harvesting systems to reduce water consumption

IKEA UK has teamed up with energy experts Big Clean Switch to offer every home in Great Britain possibility to switch to a clean energy supplier 

Food – Tasty food that’s good for the planet – with less waste

From more sustainably sourced ingredients to meat-free options and locally grown produce, we’re offering more great-tasting, climate-friendly choices in the IKEA food range. We also want to cut food waste in our restaurant kitchens by 50% before the end of 2022. By 2025, we aim for 50% of main meals offered in our restaurants to be plant-based.

  • We’ve cut food waste by 32% since 2017, which equates to more than 10 million meals not thrown away


And across the UK and Ireland


  • All stores provide free drinking water
  • SMATTINGAR range public health England’s guidelines on balanced meal for each age group – Over/Under 4s
  • All stores have smart scales and AI technology implemented that recognizes food products being wasted and automatically registers them to help identify ways to prevent production food waste


As part of our commitment to phasing out single use plastic we are moving to a new range of disposables for the Restaurants, Cafés and Bistro’s.

Circularity – Using recycled and renewable materials and giving IKEA furniture a second life

By 2030, all IKEA products will be made from renewable or recycled materials, and designed from the very beginning to be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold or recycled.

  • 60% of the IKEA product range is based on renewable materials, like wood and cotton, and 10% contain recycled materials
  • Many countries buy back IKEA furniture and re-sell it to new customers, giving more things a second life


And across the UK and Ireland

  • Buy Back Service: We’re giving furniture a second chance at life…Contributing to a healthier planet is one of our key priorities here at IKEA. As a part of our circular movement we can help you give your IKEA product a second life at our Circular Hub and you could get a voucher for your efforts!
  • All stores offer spare parts for our customers to help them repair their damaged products, we carry 1.25 million spare parts in the UK & IE
  • All UK IKEA stores use re-use packaging machines to reduce waste

Making sustainability affordable for the many

We want to make it easier and more affordable than ever to make our homes more sustainable, saving people money and preserving our precious resources at the same time. Follow the green dot in store and online to discover our sustainable solutions.

Find out more:

IKEA Better Living app – more inspiration for everyday climate action

Make your everyday more sustainable with the IKEA Better Living app. By organising sustainability tips into loggable actions, the app makes it easy to improve your habits and become more sustainable. You can also do challenges and win cool prizes with your team.

The results of our common efforts in the app is added to the COUNT US IN project - stronger together, where IKEA is one of the founding partners.