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Floral living room design ideas

A home should reflect who you are. This woman and her family have no problem expressing their love for florals. See how it's possible to achieve a bold look while living with children.

BILLY is a bookshelf and display case in one. Illuminate your treasures on top and your books below. Stacking magazines horizontally make them look like decorations, too.

Dress your windows with draped curtains. Thick curtains naturally retain heat inside, and help keep the cold outside. Lush materials like velvet bring richness and a bit of a bourgeois flavour to a room. Hello winter, it’s time to get cosy.

Want to get away from all the living room action? Create a calm corner by a window. The solid colours balance out the floral patterns and graphics in the room.

Dedicate some spots in the living room to show off. A half-table is a space-saving display surface, with functional storage underneath. Fake flowers are also a quick way to energise any room — and you don’t need to buy new ones on the weekend!

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