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Small office ideas

You don't need a dedicated room to create your own office area at home – all it takes is a little imagination and some space-savvy design choices. We've got making use of smaller spaces down to a fine art. Have a browse of our small office ideas and see how easy it is to whip up a cosy place to work with minimal space.

A workspace for your living room

All you need is a corner and our expert tips to set up a workspace in your living room.

A small home, but still room to study

Here's how you can turn any space into a place to work with room still for hobbies and personal style.

A small and colourful home that's easy to refurnish

Be inspired by bright colours and creativity in this small space study solution.

A study space by day, a dining room by night

Short on space? Easily adapt your home for work and life with a few simple tweaks.

How to find room to study in a busy home

Our study space ideas can help kids and adults alike get to work, stay focused and learn something new anywhere at home.


Office design essentials

Where will you set up your new workstation? Are you hoping to create a meeting area in your living room? Or set up a desk in the guest room? Perhaps you have plans to section off half of your bedroom to make room for a creative studio. Whatever your plans, make use of free corners and alcoves, or select furniture that can be used for a variety of purposes so you can work comfortably in any room.