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Designed with flexibility in mind

A creative corner should blend in with the house — and this designer couple carved out a seamless space for their passion. Desks with adjustable heights, cabinets on castors...and plenty of natural light. Here’s to a productive day!

Roll your storage around the home, or towards the window with a nice view. This storage unit on wheels comes with magnetic mesh sides where you can hook cables or post reminders. Use it as a cabinet, or even as a standing desk.

This couple dedicated a wall in their workspace to store all their design work. Use different types of units: open storage boxes, drawers and shelves. Keep them the same colour for a more coordinated look. You can even store paper rolls through the shelf unit slots.

A standing support like an adjustable stool makes sitting active, and improves posture. Press the buttons and match it with the height of your desk.

Create a healthy way of working with a sit and stand desk. Crank the handle up or down until you get a height that’s just right.

Choose the way you want to recharge. The base of this desk lamp is a wireless phone charger (X marks the spot), but it also has a USB port for those who like it old-school. Or, take a portable USB charger from the box if you’re on the go.