SYLT HJORTRON Cloudberry jam, organic,

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Serve the cloudberry jam with waffles and whipped cream, pancakes and ice cream – or with a dessert cheese to add some sweetness.

Article Number903.086.27

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Cloudberries are famous for their nice taste, beautiful golden colour and since they often grow in inaccessible terrain in northern Sweden. A rare delicacy that is sometimes called the gold of the forest.

Organic food production aims at sustaining farming practices that are better for people and planet.

Article Number903.086.27


    Net weight: 425 g

    • SYLT HJORTRONArticle Number903.086.27

      Length: 12 cm

      Weight: 0.63 kg

      Diameter: 8 cm

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    Delish but I wish it were more tart!Verified BuyerCloudberries are known for being super tart so I was kind of hoping the jam wouldn’t be so sweet! It’s still delicious, but I think it lost its edge.3
    Sylt hjortronChriskisTasted this first time in Canada and was delighted to find it in IKEA. We buy it every time it is available.5
    Wonderful flavoursherlock61Cloudberry jam is wonderful, yes it does have little seeds in to but the taste is wonderful, it is on the side of apricot taste with a bit more flavoyr.5
    Super yummy jamTantBellaWonderful cloudberry jam. Best on pancakes and waffles5
    MultesyltøyDanmarkplassWe love cloudberry jam it is one of the only places we can find this in England.5
    JamHelleenaReally tasty Cloudberry jam5
    something specialvjshopMore than twenty years ago when we were in Finland, friends told us that cloudberry jam was special, it was more money than other jams because of the limited areas where cloudberries would grow. Because it is so special and so delicious we have been treating ourselves to it ever since.5

    Function solution

    The gold of the forest

    Cloudberries are a rare delicacy sometimes called forest gold. This is since the berries usually grow in inaccessible terrain in northern Sweden, picking them requires a lot of work – and they have a colour that shifts between gold and golden amber. Swedes like eating cloudberry jam with waffles and whipped cream or pancakes and ice cream, and to add sweetness to make a tasty dessert cheese even tastier. Maybe it will be extra tasty knowing that our SYLT HJORTRON is organic.