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STRANDMON Wing chair, Skiftebo yellow

Price £ 229

10 year guarantee

STRANDMON Wing chair, Kelinge beige
STRANDMON Wing chair, Nordvalla dark grey
STRANDMON Wing chair, Skiftebo yellow
STRANDMON Wing chair, Tallmyra dark green
STRANDMON Wing chair, Vibberbo black/beige

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Bringing new life to an old favourite. We first introduced this chair in the 1950’s. Some 60 years later we brought it back into the range with the same craftsmanship, comfort and appearance. Enjoy!

Article Number403.618.96

Product details

You can really loosen up and relax in comfort because the high back on this chair provides extra support for your neck.

This cover is made from durable Skiftebo polyester fabric. It has a nice lustre and a two-tone effect with a light texture that feels firm to the touch.

10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.


IKEA of Sweden

Weight & measurements

Width: 82 cm

Depth: 96 cm

Height: 101 cm

Seat width: 49 cm

Seat depth: 54 cm

Seat height: 45 cm


Just not comfyVerified ReviewerSeat is hard. Looks ok.1
Great chairVerified ReviewerReally lovely and comfortable deep chair to sit on! Good value for money also.5
Lounge chairVerified ReviewerGreat looking chair and comfortable to sit in. Not the easiest to assemble.4
Nice chair, but..Verified ReviewerNice chair, however as a woman I really struggled to put this together (adding the wings was a nightmare) and I’m not strong enough to tighten the bolts properly4
ChairVerified ReviewerStruggled to put together, needs two people. Legs not very strong4
Comfortable chairs, reasonably priced.Verified ReviewerGreat chairs, we bought 2 when we moved house. Exactly what we were looking for.5
Great chair to sit in once you've tired yourself out trying to assemble the dratted thing. Verified ReviewerNow that it is put together, I love this chair. It's beautiful, the fabric feels lovely and the chair is comfortable. I really like the high back, it feels very supportive on my neck and I look forward to many evenings curled up in it. However, I will never buy another one because I simply refuse to put myself through assembling it ever again. I basically live in an IKEA catalogue and assembled everything myself problem-free up until now. I actually cried in frustration trying to get the wings to hook on properly - when I did, the bolts only lined up with the holes through what felt like an hour of pushing and pulling and begging and even then they're barely tightened. So, I love it now but I'd advise buying pre-assembled. It's expensive so didn't seem worth it overall. Probably great if you want a workout though!3
Great ChairVerified ReviewerGreat Chair5
Pretty chair, nightmare to assembleVerified ReviewerThe fact that it only requires 8 nuts/bolts to assemble sounds good.... but... Keeping the arms in position when you turn it on its side IS impossible. Use REAL tools, not the socket thing they provide. You WILL require 13mm socket and ratchet.... Soft mallet to tap arm in position. Philips screw driver.... I am efficient in doing flat pack, but please make sure you have some assistance to apply pressure where needed. The 10 year guarantee is all that justifies the price, not the wood quality.3
Good value, easy to assembleVerified ReviewerGood value, easy to assemble except for arms.4
Beautiful chair, but the assembly of the arm rests takes astonishing amount of wrangling!Verified Reviewerthe assembly of the arm rests takes astonishing amount of wrangling! The hook which enters the chair frame takes knack to get in. The instruction should include diagram of how the arms need to be pushed down at a certain angle. It really got my knickers in a twist , I found changing the cam belt on my boxer engine much more straight forward...perhaps I'm just rubbish end of story5
Black marksVerified ReviewerIf you move the chair on wooden flooring it leaves black marks.. not happy1
Struggled with assembly of theVerified ReviewerStruggled with assembly of the arm pieces! But looks fabulous do very pleased5
Lovely chair very comfy slightlyVerified ReviewerLovely chair very comfy slightly tricky to build5
Hard to assembleVerified ReviewerThe chair looks amazing but it was a nightmare to put together. Those wings just did not want to slide into place. I think I spent half an hour on that step alone. I'd recommend having someone to help if you plan to build this.4
Great chair but quite difficultVerified ReviewerGreat chair but quite difficult to assemble. Particularly the sides. However very comfortable.5
This chair nearly grew wings as I was tempted to throw it out if the window during assemblyVerified ReviewerIt was comfortable in the store and the range of colours was lovely. But assembling at home was the biggest pain in the proverbial part… I’m no ikea virgin - I’ve assembled a fair few bits of furniture - beds, desks, chairs with drawers. But this took the cake - trying to put the Arms with their bloody hooks on the main body was near impossible and will be included as one of the 12 tasks of Hercules. Once the wings were on, trying to secure them with the 2 screws onto the base led to another round of swearing and great frustration. Why on Earth is this chair so hard to assemble? As I write this review I am currently seated in the Strandmon, which is probably lopsided, trying to work out how much I should get paid for putting this together… Normally I feel okay about IKEA pricing - you get what you pay for most of the time… but this chair isn’t worth the 250 price tag I’m afraid. If you can find it second hand, already assembled, go for it.3
Great chair just ignore some reviewers!Verified ReviewerPicked this chair up a few weeks after sitting on it in store and falling in love with how comfortable it is. I read many reviews to make sure I wasn't making a faux pas and buying something that wasn't up to standard for a house full of kids and animals but was NEARLY put off by the reviews of how difficult this thing was going to be to put together. I read claims of 2+ hours of build time, returning the chair, misaligned pieces, and poor quality construction but thankfully experience none of this. The hardest part was fitting the (bigger than I had anticipated) box in the van I had forgotten to empty, before venturing to the shop but years of Tetris practice ensured I made it home with the chair. Assembly was very straightforward and took less than half an hour with it being made up of 4 main parts than easily bolt together. Now I have a chair by the window to sit in and read and be nosey watching the neighbours come and go and I can't think of anything better! Thank you5
Super comfortable!Verified ReviewerNow I know why so many people recommend this chair - it's SO comfortable! Easy to put together, feels sturdy. The seat and back are firm enough to give you support, yet still comfortable for long periods. It's designed to lean you back slightly, so if you prefer sitting upright, you either need some cushions or a different chair. Personally, I find it super comfortable. I got the yellow version, and it adds a cheerful burst of colour to my room.5
Great chairVerified ReviewerThis is a really lovely chair but the sides are really difficult to attach. This is the most difficult IKEA self build we have ever bought.3
STRANDMON Wing chair, Skiftebo yellow

From vintage sitting to modern life

Do you sometimes get a little nostalgic? We do. That’s why we created STRANDMON wing chair. Its design is inspired by an IKEA chair from the 50’s called MK – a favourite of the IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad. It was even on the cover of our first catalogue. But how could it be refreshed and adapted to today’s demands? Well, we found a few ways…

Like the quality. Back in the 50’s, most people used chairs just to sit in. Nowadays, we curl up in our chairs, drape our legs over armrests and eat where we sit. We put higher demands on our furniture. Our product developer Ulf Engström explains what STRANDMON has to put up with. “It’s tested to make sure it can take a person that sits and gets up at least 50,000 times. That’s the same as sitting and getting up once a day for 136 years.”

Now in bits and pieces

The aim was to create a comfortable and high quality chair that was a real bargain. For example, Ulf and his colleagues decided to put it in a flat pack. “It has made it possible to have a lower price and reduce emissions during transportation, explains Ulf. The flat pack will also make bringing home STRANDMON a whole lot easier, especially for everyone who doesn’t have a car that can fit a pre-assembled wing chair.

Some things never change

The wing chair perhaps had its golden era long ago, but who knows, it might be considered a must-have in people's homes once again. “People have changed the way they live since the 50's, but the need for affordable quality furniture is still the same. I think that is one of the reasons to why STRANDMON is so popular,” says Ulf. The flat pack and the lower price, together with new colours and patterns, will definitely make it easier for more people to find the right spot for STRANDMON in their home. And – of course – experience some well-deserved comfort.