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PLATSA Frame, white, 60x55x180 cm
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PLATSA Frame, white,

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Doors and interiors are sold separately.

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Build your PLATSA storage as you want it – high or low, under a sloping ceiling or along an entire wall. It assembles in minutes with a simple “click”. Finish with doors and interior organisers as needed.

Article Number503.309.51

Product details

You can organise the inside with interiors from the HJÄLPA series – and for the exterior there are smart solutions in the LÄTTHET series.

You can easily create a storage solution that fits your needs and your space by combining frames in different heights and depths.

The frame is easy to install by just clicking it together, no tools are needed.

You can easily attach several PLATSA frames to each other using the included clips. They are easy to mount and remove without using tools, and you avoid visible screw holes on the outside.


IKEA of Sweden

Weight & measurements

Frame, width: 60 cm

Frame, depth: 55 cm

Frame, height: 180 cm


I likeVerified ReviewerI like5
Read the product details carefully!Verified ReviewerI bought a couple of these 60x180 frames to make a double linen cupboard, using the Plasta configurator tool. I've had Pax before but they are limited to 30 or 50cm depth and I needed 40cm so these were ideal. I bought the 8 feet and the 2 skatval doors to go with them. On making the frames up its immediately apparent that they are VERY lightweight. Great for hanging on a wall but not so good for a floor standing cupboard. The skatval doors are heavy chipboard. Once I had hung the doors on the frames it was immediately apparent that they are too heavy for them, causing the cupboard to topple forwards when the doors were fully opened. Digging into the 'safety' detail back online, it does say that they should be fixed to a wall. I'd not read that, but i don't think that that should be necessary to make a floor-standing product safe. Also, the clips to join the frames together allow for plenty movement and give no rigidity. I don't think this combo should be configured together.2
AwesomeVerified ReviewerI used the platsa wardrobe to split a room in half and both children absolutely love they're new room with the own privacy. The platsa range is amazingly easy to assemble, and with nothing to screw you just click the parts into place, but its a solid build!!!5
Does the job perfectly - an no tools neededVerified ReviewerI was a little unsure of the prospect of PLASTA given some of the review I read on assembly of the frames. I needn't have worried as the instructions were clear and concise as to how the frame is assembled. You need to pay attention to the detail of the drawings and orientation of the panels to ensure everything fits correctly. The backboard fits perfectly as long as you lay the frame down on its front and slide it in slowly. When I said no tools - that wasnt entirely correct as I did need to use a rubber mallet to ensure the panels clipped together fully (again looking at the detail of the instructions shows exactly how the frame looks once correctly slipped together). So much quicker than PAX and feels really sturdy.5
Value for money but needs bracing across centre for rigidityVerified ReviewerGreat value for money and perfect for our small space. Love how easy it is to customise to your needs. The one small but rather crucial fault is that the backboard is impossible to fit as it is too flimsy to give structural support and the sides of wardrobe bow outwards so that the back board doesn't stay in the groove. This results in the whole carcus being misshapen so that when you try to install drawers the runners aren't completely straight and the drawers keep coming off. This can be resolved by adding a fixed strut across the centre of the wardrobe to tie the sides together but it would be helpful if this minor adjustment was made to the design. I have had similar IKEA furniture where this has been the case so not sure why it hasn't been included here.4
The holes in the doorVerified ReviewerI used a qualified ikes tradesman . Unfortunately The holes where the door is attached to the wardrobe has come loose . I've tried tightening it but keep coming off and door comes off dangerously when opened. I'll be returning as its less than a year.1
Still not assembledVerified ReviewerInstructions are awful it still is not assembled1
£6000 less than built in and looks greatVerified ReviewerMy bedroom is in a very sloped roof conversion so furniture has been a challenge. These wardrobes (and crucially, the designer) meant that I could finally get it sorted without paying £7k. Took a bit of messing around with the legs to get them flat my that's my House's fault probably.5
Sturdy frame but forget the backboard!Verified ReviewerBought this but wished I had gone with the Pax wardrobe! Frame was simple to build but took nearly 3 hours trying to get the backboard to fit. Far to flimsy to simply slide into the unit then the ridges began to fray... resulting in the unit side panels bowing slightly and unable to fit draw units without these popping out of the guide rails... the draws are a whole other review... in the end split the backpanel completely down the middle to over lap and brace the unit with a middle shelf...1
Platsa Frame 180 x 60Verified ReviewerThe initial idea of clip together is very good. However this unit has a MAJOR failing. Putting the back hardboard panel on is almost impossible. As there is no cross bracing between the middle of the 2 main upright boards they bow apart and the board constantly drops out. After 2 hours struggling I took it apart to return to Ikea. On day 2 I tried again. I added 2 cross braces to the unit together, trimmed off the lip at the end of the board which goes into the slot and when that didn't work either I split the folding board in half. Then I was finally able to get the 2 back pieces to fit correctly. In 20 years of building IKEA furniture have I ever struggled so badly with a unit as this. The unit needs at least 1 back cross brace to hold it all parallel and the back board slot needs to be wider as you would on your PAX or other wardrobes.1
Good bedroom storage unitsVerified ReviewerThe combination provides lots of storage space, looks good when assembled & was easy to build & handle. The wall attachments made fastening to the wall really easy for one person to do4
Cheap and good qualityVerified ReviewerCheaper than the pax and slightly less sturdy but is still good quality for a spare/kids bedroom. Easy to assemble and instructions are easy to follow. Confusing with some additional parts (drawers/wall fixings) needing screws supplied in the main set rather than with additional parts5
Not the bestVerified ReviewerAt first glance it seems a nice quality item however the tooless assembly means lots of plastic attachments. The backboard is tricky to fit and once in keeps popping out as there is no centre support to join the sides together. Feels very flimsy and have added extra support myself as don't trust it, especially the shelves to bear weight. Disapponting for the cost.2
Brilliant looks greatVerified ReviewerBrilliant looks great5
GoodVerified ReviewerGood5
Easy to make up.Verified ReviewerEasy to make up.5
ExcellentVerified ReviewerWe love the way these wardrobes are constructed, especially not needing to use tacks to hold the back on.5
PlatsaVerified ReviewerThe instructions is not straightforward as you have to rely on youtube in order to assemble this especially the bottom drawer. Also, there is no existing hole to install the handle so very difficult as you need a drill and be expert to do this. Very expensive for the value of this product. Not at all recommendable.1
Instructions are misleadingVerified ReviewerTotally unimpressed - instructions are actually wrong and not all the dozens of pieces were in stock1
I likeVerified ReviewerI like5
PLATSA Frame, white, 60x55x180 cm

The storage that changes with you

Our living space is often limited, and it can be a challenge to find a place for everything. With PLATSA storage system, we wanted to create a simple, changeable storage solution that you can rebuild and add to, build vertically or horizontally, to the side or in between. On top of everything else, the price should be low but the quality should be high. The solution: the right quality in the right place.

"All you need is your hands," says product developer Freddy Kramer while clicking together one PLATSA frame after another. Yes, clicking. The secret is a type of plug called a wedge dowel. Freddy goes on to explain why assembling or taking frames apart easily is an important detail. "People's lives are changing more and more today ─ we move more often, live in smaller spaces and maybe share a home with others at times. That's why our needs don't look the same throughout life."

Take apart and rebuild

Freddy shows how the frames can be arranged vertically, horizontally or like steps, to then be completed with shelves, wire baskets, clothes rail, drawers and doors. "Even the exterior can be used. You can place hooks there or a clothes rail which is fixed between two frames."

Love in a white box

For PLATSA to be truly long-lasting, quality was just as important as flexibility and ease of assembling. But improving quality without adding to the price is not easy. "Right quality in the right place," Freddy says, and opens a cabinet door. "Here on the outside of the door, which you see and touch every day, we've used a matt foil with fine texture, while the inside, which is not as exposed, is coated with a simpler base foil." The PLATSA project took a lot of time and commitment. But it also gave results. "Those empty white boxes for the frames might not look like much at first glance, but they’re actually white boxes filled with love,” Freddy says, smiling.


What is constructed board?

We use constructed boards when manufacturing many of our pieces of furniture, such as tables and wardrobes. They are light yet still stable and strong. Each board has a frame made of chipboard, fibreboard or solid wood, while the inside is a honeycomb filling structure made of mostly recycled paper, which is extra durable thanks to its special construction. The board is then covered with a protective paint, foil or veneer depending on the style wanted.