KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air
KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air
KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air
KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air
KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air
KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air
KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air

A microwave and oven combo that has a large interior and is packed with functions – a practical choice for smaller kitchens or if you cook a lot and need an extra oven. Matches other KULINARISK appliances.


Product details

5 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.Quick start function for fast warming up at full power; ideal for heating of beverages.The combination of forced air and microwaves reduces both cooking time and energy consumption.You can easily choose the best grill function to cook thin cuts of meat and vegetables or to brown gratins and steaks.Top and bottom heating is ideal for cooking dishes with a crispy finish and for slow cooking of casseroles.The bread/pizza baking function gives your food a more intense brown outside and a crispy bottom.The preset cooking programs make it easier for you to choose the right settings for different recipes and foods.Easy to clean as the stainless steel surface is treated to repel fingerprints.Easy to install at a comfortable work height in a base cabinet or high cabinet. This product bears the CE mark.Output power microwave: 1000W.Usable volume: 43 litres.Voltage: 220-240V.Minimum fuse needed: 16A.10 power levels.Electronic display with white digits.Anti finger print.1 glass bottom tray included.1 wire shelf included.1 baking tray included.Cord/cable included.Plug not included.Wired-in installation. Installation to be made by a qualified installer.Designer


Product size

59.4 cm
56.7 cm
45.5 cm
Cord length: 
1.4 m
41.60 kg


Condensation so bad!!tara2389I seem to be getting the same issue as others, which is after only 6 months usage the oven has broken and the front door glass is condensing so bad its dripping down into the drawers underneath and the laminate floor which has caused warping!! I bought this as it had so many useful options and looked decent but really disappointed now. It's actually pretty small inside I can struggle to fit anything else in when using my crockpot for slow cooking.1
Really bad product - been repaired 3 times.Ras4We were excited when we purchased this combi oven, but unfortunately, our excitement was short-lived. So far, our oven has been repaired three times due to condensation. Thus when using as an oven, the steam from oven generates water and that water starts leaking from the door. The repair company has changed the door mechanism three times, but after a few months, the same problem appears again. Due to the steam coming out of it, has damaged adjacent fridge cabinet. Not happy at all as it’s a brand new kitchen but I don’t know what options I have. It's a very poor quality plastic door mechnism. Microwave quality is inferior as well. First of all, you have to take all the side racks as they are not suitable for microwave. Also, it doesn't heat evenly. So same plate is scorching from one side and cold from others. Not happy as it was an expensive item and we were expecting top-notch performance.1
Wonderful space saving micro/oven combinationMsElena123I absolutely disagree with a previous 1-star review. I love this oven, but I do need to mention that I have it as my second oven! Just used it for the first time as a microwave 5 min ago, having removed all metal parts previously. It is very powerful, heats quickly and throughout, and if I need it as my second oven (which only happens about 5-6 times a month) it is dead easy to install everything back in just 1 minute. I understand that for those, who use an oven every day regularly, plus a microwave also regularly, this is not a solution whatsoever unless you buy a standard size oven to use as your primary one. But I would suggest quite a few households do have two ovens which they do not use day in day out, plus they have a bulky standalone microwave taking space off the worktop. That was my case, and I am happy with my choice. So I can't actually recommend it highly enough.5
unnecessarliy complicatedHaving to keep taking the racks out every time you want to use the oven as a microwave is ridiculous. Why didnt you just make the side walls with indents for the runners. Electric controls for to fiddly to be bothered with. The idea of a microwave was to save space, time and energy and the idea of having a small second oven was so I didnt waste energy on heating a large oven. I have to spens for to long selecting options so I will just use the basic settings and use my old microwave in the utility for quickly defrosting. The deforst option has not got a definative defrost setting and you have to adjust it.1
KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air

Kitchen appliances for the many

How can we best assist you in your cooking, without actually being in the kitchen? One way, is to make high quality appliances at prices that leave more money left for good ingredients. To make this happen, we’re working together with carefully selected suppliers – experts we feel are the best in their field at delivering what people need in their everyday. This allows us to offer fully equipped, functional kitchens, with appliances and all the other things you need, all in one place.  Read more
Creating good things becomes a whole lot easier when you work together. And when you do it with a good amount of trust and understanding, it becomes fun and interesting.

Aha-moments during the development

Bruno Lizotte, who works with product development at IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult, tells that the development of the kitchen appliances is done hand in hand together with the suppliers. “We have a lot of experience from life at home so we share our ideas and our knowledge to get the suppliers to see things from our perspective. Then we find solutions together to improve the life in and around the kitchen,” he says. In turn, the suppliers contribute with their expertise, for example hard facts on materials, technical solutions and innovations they have in the pipeline. “By being generous we learn from each other. It’s a way to challenge old truths about how things are supposed to be done. It usually leads to a couple of aha-moments for everyone involved,” notes Bruno.

Knowledge through home visits

Some of the knowledge that’s shared comes from IKEA home visits. It’s a method to see how people in different cultures live and manage with some of life’s ups and downs in their own homes. For example, we ask; what do you do in the kitchen, except cooking? How do you use the space? Do you have friends over? What would you like to improve? What are your hopes, dreams and wishes? “The insights we get from the visits are transferred to the people we work with so we can develop better products together, and create an easier life at home,” says Bruno.

Easier days in the heart of the home

Good kitchen appliances should fit with the rest of the kitchen and with the people who use them. We all have different needs, tastes and wallets. Some of us cook because we love to, some of us because we have to. That’s why a considerable amount of time in the development process is spent on creating a selection of durable products – in different styles, functions and price levels. And always with quality as the main focus. It means a whole deal of fine-tuning, trying ideas and choosing the ones that make most use for people. “Togetherness and enthusiasm are important words to us when we develop products. In short, it means to work with people that believe in the same cause as we do, but also to respect each other’s efforts. When we manage to live up to that, we can make a true difference and contribute to a better life at home for more people. That’s really something to aim for,” says Bruno.
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KULINARISK Microwave combi with forced air