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DEKORERA collection – inspired by past masters

As the holidays approach and the nights lengthen, we’re reminded of the dark, brooding portraits and still-lifes that typify the art of 17th century Dutch master painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals, full of swirling, golden light, playful domestic scenes, and shadowy corners.

It’s these images that inspired our team of designers to develop DEKORERA – a collection of home furnishing accessories and textiles which combine the rich colours and style of these artists’ work with traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship to create products which add an easy and inviting winter flair to your home.

Several items from the IKEA DEKORERA collection stand in a warm living room, with a dark green sofa with cushions.
Several items from the IKEA DEKORERA collection stand in a warm living room, with a dark green sofa with cushions.

Bright and beautiful

A candle or two is a charming way to add a little much-needed light to our homes as the nights draw in. The DEKORERA candle holder isn’t just a striking design accessory – it serves a purpose, too.

Two black DEKORERA candle sticks stand on a black table, with pears and books piled up next to it.

Here comes colour!

A splash of brightness makes all the difference! We added these textiles to the DEKORERA collection in order to compliment the range’s darker shades with contrasting-coloured blankets and cushions in a distinctive diamond pattern. They’re perfect as a point of interest in a shady living room – and to cuddle up with.

Diamond-patterned DEKORERA blankets and cushions in bright colours are piled on top of a bench by a set of stairs.

A masterpiece made for you

Can you guess what it is yet? These trays reference a couple of famous paintings by Vermeer and Da Vinci that you’re probably familiar with – and are a little cheaper than the originals if you’re looking for a nice new wall hanging. Better at carrying coffee, too.

Two DEKORERA trays, with reworked da Vinci and Vermeer motifs, are hung with string side by side on a light brown wall.

Relaxed and rustic

The rounded, gentle forms of these bowls, jugs and vases reflect traditional Northern European crafts and techniques. They wouldn’t look out of place on the festive table of a rural village family many years ago – nor on yours today.

White DEKORERA bowls, vases and jugs are piled on top of each other on a kitchen sideboard, with flowers in one jug.

Simple festive freshness

A whole new look without a whole new outlay – that’s the dream, right? Throw this cover over your existing STRANDMON armchair, add a cushion (and rug, if you’re feeling fancy) for fresh, winter-ready style at a fraction of the price.

An armchair with a beige STRANDMON armchair cover and a red and gold pillow stand on a rug at the top of some stairs.

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