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What’s new in the IKEA range

The new, bright bedroom

Imagine decorating your bedroom based on a vivid dream... and then open your eyes and make it happen. From boldly printed bed linens to accessories as bright as you can imagine, it’s time to create your own bedroom wonderland.

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A bed made with SVARTKLINT duvet cover and pillowcases in light pink/dark pink sits in a room with walls of similar colours.
    SVARTKLINT and LUKTJASMIN duvet covers and pillowcases in light pink/dark pink and yellow in front of a black headboard.
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      A range of VARMBLIXT lighting products are switched on in a dim, minimal space with the VARMBLIXT coffee tables.

        Statement illuminations

        We’ve teamed up with designer Sabine Marcelis to create sculptural lighting products that explore the emotional possibilities of light at home. Whether on or off, these lamps are set to boost the mood.

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        Starry lights for festive nights

        Let GOKVÄLLÅ lanterns and tealight holders enhance the late-night mood. And while some might light stars in their windows, why don’t you light the moon?

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