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Sleep Better

At IKEA, we believe in the power of sleep. Making the most of your sleeping hours is vital for helping you make the most of your waking ones. So it’s time to bring sleep back from the sidelines and see what slumber has in store. How comfortable you are at night, what temperature your body is at and how much light​ gets into your bedroom are just some of the factors that play a part. Find out more by exploring our guide below and fall back in love with sleep.

Get comfortable

Discover which sleeping positions are most common, and how they affect our sleep.

These changes can make you more comfortable at night, giving you a restful sleep.

Switch off

Discover the science behind why light interferes with the quality and length of our sleep.

Find out the easy ways to achieve the perfect light in your bedroom for a great night’s sleep.

Sleep soundly

How noise disturbs our slumber, and why some manage to sleep through it more than others.

Find out how to block out noise and muffle unwanted sounds at night for better-quality sleep.

Find the balance

Discover why temperature affects how well you sleep, and how to use it to your advantage.

Follow these tips to find the perfect temperature for falling and staying soundly asleep.

Breathe easy

Find out how the air quality in your home might be affecting your sleep.

Tips on how to make your bedroom air cleaner and fresher for a better night’s sleep.

Explore more on sleep

How long should you be sleeping each night?

A guide to understanding if you’re getting enough sleep, and how many hours’ kip are right for you.

How much is right?

How to de-stress for a restful night’s sleep

Find out how stress affects your ability to sleep well, and discover the steps you can take to relax before bed.

De-stress tonight

4 key changes that will help you sleep better

From caffeine intake to exercise, the things we do during the day can impact how well we sleep at night.

Make sleep-friendly changes

5 ways to improve your child’s sleep

Discover the simple steps parents can take to help kids of all ages get to sleep and stay there.

Help your little ones sleep