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Make a cosy reading corner for kids

Want your older children to have a space they can relax in as well as study? Creating a reading corner will help them do both.

Young girl reclined on a red sofa listening to music
Young girl reclined on a red sofa listening to music

Make it snug

As they get older, not every child prefers reading and studying at a desk. Instead, give them the option of a cosy reading corner they’ll love. Go for surfaces and textiles in rich colours to create the right cosy hideaway feel.

A space to read

If your child loves to read or go online sitting in a soft chair, slumped back in a sofa or lying on a floor this reading corner will make a relaxed and comfortable environment that’s just right for them.

Food for thought

Ensure your child has something to nibble on to hand in order to concentrate from the start of the study season.

Keep it tidy

Also remember smart storage solutions. They’ll need somewhere to put away all their stuff when they’re done with homework.

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