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Live Lagom: Living Lagom with Indy

You don't have to make dramatic changes to improve the wellbeing of yourself, the quality of your life, and ultimately, your world. As Indy found out, the little things can have a big impact too.

A young boy is sitting on the floor and recycling cardboard in white sorting bins.
A young boy is sitting on the floor and recycling cardboard in white sorting bins.

    "We wanted to expand our knowledge of products that could support our lifestyle and make a long-term change.

    The project has made us look at our home differently. It's enabled us to really invest energy into our home - making it work better through small changes. Now we include Live Lagom in our everyday decisions."

    Our son Gil is more engaged in recycling. He's taken 'junk modelling' to new heights!

    Indy Hunjan

    What does Lagom mean? Lagom comes from the Swedish phrase “Lagom är bäst” (the right amount is best), which we believe is the secret to sustainable living.

    "Before we took part in Live Lagom, we did recycle in our own way. We had three flimsy plastic bags that were just a mess! Through the project we got some really sturdy boxes to use instead. They're easy to clean and now it's so manageable. It all works really well."

    Indy's son Gil is the in-house recycling monitor. "Gil is five years old going on 85! He's very opinionated! He's much more engaged in recycling and repurposing now, and he's always looking for other ways of saving things rather than just binning them. He's pretty creative with the things he's made from old bits of card and plastic."

    Did you know?

    12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK. That's a lot of craft projects!

    Bright Idea

    Give that egg box a whole new life. Have a separate recycling bin for all those bits and pieces that come in handy for arts and crafts.

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