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How to make a small kitchen feel big

Small kitchens call for smart thinking to make the most of the space you’ve got. Building up, around and over the doorway does just that. And don’t worry about reaching your things, a folding stool is all you need and won’t take up too much space. Try using glass-fronted cabinets - they help to make tight spaces feel more open. Lighting adds to the effect, and you can make a showpiece of all your favourite glassware and ornaments.

Narrow kitchen with IKEA kitchen cabinets built all around the doorframe.
Narrow kitchen with IKEA kitchen cabinets built all around the doorframe.

Don’t eat more space than you need

Look for base cabinets with different depths to turn a tight corner into a useful coffee stop. In this corner we used METOD cabinets with a depth of 37cm. If you’ve got an even shallower space, try using a trolley or a strong shelf or worktop cut to fit, fixed on legs.

Extend your workspace

A trolley provides additional workspace when you need it and tucks away out of sight when you don’t. It also gives you extra storage and, being mobile, you can use it anywhere you like - in the kitchen or elsewhere in the home.

Suddenly, it’s not such a small kitchen

Taking storage up and away from the floor is key if you want to make way for a cosy breakfast table. A shelving unit wall-mounted above the table makes best use of the space and gives you a handy place to store dining things. When you build a kitchen that makes maximum use of a small space, you’ll be amazed at what you can fit in.