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How to create a study nook for kids

Many children want their own workspace while still being in the middle of things. Create a dedicated children’s reading nook in the kitchen, living room or even in the hallway and they can have both.

Study your way: The study nook
Study your way: The study nook

To create a study nook, opt for a small desktop that you mount on the wall. Combined with a neat swivel chair it makes for great studying and takes up little room. Use shelves for storage (and a poster as a flexible backdrop – be as bold as you like). Add and adjustable lamp for a light that’s just right, and your nook is complete. A children’s reading nook in the middle of things means they can listen to music while studying and have family chatting in the background.

If your child prefers studying in a brightly lit room, sit your nook next to a window to give them as much daylight as possible. Otherwise a spotlight you can move is a great idea.

Many children work best when they’re allowed to move – whether tapping their face or spinning in their chair. Give them a chair on wheels to keep them moving and learning.

Mini chests and boxes in different sizes don’t only help you keep track of the small things in your nook, they look great while doing it.

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