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Give your living room an autumn style refresh

As much as we love summer, we gotta admit we’re big fans of ‘fall’. Come see how our stylist Amanda brings a stylish autumn feel to the living room. Seasonal colours, atmospheric lights, warm textiles. It’s all here.

A living room updated for autumn has a grey sofa, pink walls, blankets, and natural elements like stone.
A living room updated for autumn has a grey sofa, pink walls, blankets, and natural elements like stone.

After a summer outdoors, autumn is one of those seasons that draws us back in the home again. For our stylist Amanda, it’s a great chance to welcome the cooler weather with a seasonal style refresh.

“I like to use a change of season outdoors to change a room’s look too. Autumn is a season I associate with darkness and coldness, but also the amazing colours and incredible changes in nature.”

Amanda’s advice to get started is to pick out a colour scheme you’d like to use along with extra lights and elements from nature.

“I chose to work with colours of dusty pink shades and grey tones. I think these two colours are a beautiful combo and to add an extra touch I worked with natural elements like stone and branches as this gives a really warm and cosy feel to the room but is still stylish and elegant.”

Working with her colour scheme, Amanda started her refresh with painting the walls pink and updating the sofa cover in grey. If you’re not quite ready to bring out the paintbrushes though, her advice is to use textiles to bring your colour scheme alive.

“Textiles are always a softener to a room, I love to work with textiles, they’re so easy to change for each season or if you just got tired of a colour.”

Working with textiles, Amanda added a rug, blankets, cushions and curtains to give the room its look. The other added bonus of course is that rugs and curtains mean it’s easier to keep your home’s warmth indoors, and cosy nights on the sofa aren’t complete without some blankets and throws.

Building on the textile base, Amanda’s next step is to add lighting.

“Don’t be afraid to play around with the lights, here I worked with FADO light on top of a beautiful stone, and string of lights in a glassvase.”

And finally to add some natural elements.

I think it’s a delicate touch to bring in elements from nature now that you’re more inside. Think a bare branch in a vase or against the wall. Just a subtle way to celebrate the season.

Amanda Rodriguez, Stylist

Made by
Interior designer: Amanda Rodriguez
Photographer: Sandra Werud