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Calming bedroom ideas to help you recharge

After a stressful day at work, leave the busy world behind in a space that makes you sigh and smile instantly. These design tips use texture, colour and light to turn your bedroom into a calming haven.

A woman making her bed and a PAX wardrobe is open behind her.
A woman making her bed and a PAX wardrobe is open behind her.

A room for recharging

Go for harmony in the home. Stick to a limited palette of just a few soft colours and combine with ash-coloured wood and textiles in a natural, earthy colour. Keep storage minimalistic and use lots of textiles to encourage relaxation.

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Haven of peace

Create a bedroom that’s a relaxing hideout. Put in plenty of storage to keep messy and stressful clothes, bags and shoes hidden away and opt for natural colours and soft hues. Another tip: keep it digital-free to aid good sleep. Instead of keeping your phone nearby, use an alarm clock.

Sleep well

Blackout curtains do a great job of blocking out daylight and muffling street noise, leading to a wonderfully restful night’s sleep. With a second layer of curtains facing the room, you can also choose exactly the look you want.

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