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IKEA Buyback service Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are in addition to and do not affect, the IKEA Returns Policy or your statutory rights. 

How does the Buyback and resell service work? 

With the Buyback and resell service, we help you prolong the life of your IKEA furniture. We buy back your used furniture items in return for an IKEA refund card. We then resell your second-hand furniture in our Buyback area or online, where it provides a chance for someone else to give it a second life at an affordable price. It also helps us to become more people and planet positive and to transform into a circular company. 

To participate, follow the step-by-step process using our Buyback estimator tool. Once you have completed the steps, you will receive an estimate of the Buyback value of your IKEA furniture. 

All estimates are subject to a physical inspection of the products by an IKEA co-worker at the participating IKEA store of your choice. The final amount agreed may therefore differ from the estimate received, if the physical inspection shows any discrepancies. Please note that we do not agree to buy back your products until they have been confirmed as IKEA products and their resale condition has been verified by an IKEA co-worker, in-store.  

If we do not accept your used IKEA product, we will offer you the option to recycle the item for you or to dispose of it according to our zero waste to landfill policy.

If we accept your products for resale, you will receive an IKEA refund card for the agreed amount.

Refund cards are redeemable for an unlimited period of time from the date of issue and can be used in-store (excluding our Bistro's, Restaurants or Swedish Food Markets) or online, on all products except IKEA Food. The amount offered to you by the IKEA co-worker is not open to negotiation, and we reserve the right to refuse any products at our discretion. The table below shows how we price your used items.

Pricing structure 

  • As new – no scratches: 50% of the original price
  • Very good – minor scratches: 40% of original price
  • Well-used – several scratches: 30% of original price  

If we are unable to sell your second-hand IKEA products, we will dispose of them responsibly and recycle them wherever possible. Learn more about sustainability at IKEA.

Quality and condition of products for resale 

Our intention is to sell on your products to a new home, and we want to ensure that Buyback products purchased by other customers are of a high quality.  The Buyback and resell service is currently only set up to handle complete, assembled and fully functional pieces of used IKEA furniture from the categories listed below. All items must be returned clean, unmodified and in good, resalable condition. If a product is returned not fully and correctly assembled to IKEA’s satisfaction, we will not be able to provide an offer.  They must be fully owned by you and not carry any hidden debts or security interests. 

N.B. We cannot accept component parts on their own, they must be part of a completely assembled piece of furniture, i.e. we do not accept doors without the frame to attach them to.

Products we accept 

The specific products that are eligible for the Buyback scheme are listed here but will include the following:

  • All dressers, office drawer cabinets, small structures with drawers, display storage, sideboards  
  • Bookcases and shelf units  
  • Small tables  
  • Multimedia furniture  
  • Cabinets  
  • Dining tables and desks  
  • Chairs and stools (excl upholstered or leather chairs and stools)  
  • Chest of drawers  
  • Children’s products (excluding mattresses and textiles) 


Products we do not accept

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept items from the categories listed below. However, we are always looking for new opportunities to improve our services so do check back in the future. 

  • Non-IKEA products 
  • Component parts
  • Hacked or modified products 
  • Non-assembled IKEA products  
  • Products that have been used outside including outdoor furniture  
  • Beds (excluding extendable children's beds)
  • Matresses & Bed Textiles (such as Blankets and Mattress toppers)  
  • Sofas / armchairs 
  • Other soft good (pillows, towels, curtains etc.)
  • Items containing glass  
  • Kitchens including worktops, cabinets and fronts  
  • System wardrobes (incl. PAX and interiors)   
  • Other over-sized items
  • Appliances and other electrical items
  • Children's mattresses and textiles
  • Upholstered or leather products  
  • Market hall products  
  • Non-furniture items 


Where is the Buyback service offered? 

The Buyback and resell service is available at the following IKEA stores:  
North Ireland

  • IKEA Belfast


  • IKEA Edinburgh 
  • IKEA Glasgow 


  • IKEA Cardiff


  • IKEA Wembley
  • IKEA Croydon
  • IKEA Lakeside
  • IKEA Birmingham
  • IKEA Nottingham
  • IKEA Warrington
  • IKEA Gateshead
  • IKEA Sheffield
  • IKEA Milton Keynes
  • IKEA Southampton
  • IKEA Bristol
  • IKEA Greenwich
  • IKEA Exeter
  • IKEA Leeds
  • IKEA Manchester 
  • IKEA Reading

Please note that the service is for private households only. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no limitation on the number of articles or the size of the articles you wish to return. We do not buy back large batches of commercially used furniture from companies. 

Returns policy for second-hand products

If you decide to spend your refund card in the second-hand area of the IKEA store, that’s good news! You will get a great IKEA product at an even lower price than usual.   

Please note that, in line with local legislation, our normal returns policy and product guarantees apply for all second-hand products. The product guarantee shall commence from the date of the original purchase and not from the date of purchase of the second-hand item in the circular hub (Bargain corner).