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How to use

Learn to dim, change colour temperature, set timers – and more.


How to create and use moods in the TRÅDFRI App

How to use moods

A mood is a set of colour and brightness that you can apply to a group of lights. For example, a living room can have a warmer light for dinner and a brighter/cooler light for working.

You can pre-set moods with different types of light settings, for example, to watch TV or have a cosy dinner, and control them with the TRÅDFRI app 

Watch the video to learn how to create and manage moods with the TRÅDFRI app.

How to set a wake-me-up timer in the TRÅDFRI App

How to set a wake up timer

Watch the video to learn how to set a wake up timer with the TRÅDFRI app.

How to set away-from-home in the TRÅDFRI App

How to set away from home timer

Watch the video to learn how to set a timer so that the light turns on as you like – even when you’re away.

How to set ON and OFF timer in the TRÅDFRI App

How to set on/off timer

Watch the video to learn how to set a timer that turn your lights on/off according to a schedule.


TRÅDFRI remote control

Using the TRÅDFRI remote control

When using the remote control, you control the brightness by clicking on the sun symbol. To change colour, you click the left/right arrow.

TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer

Using the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer

When using the wireless dimmer, you simply rotate the dimmer to control the brightness.

Since the wireless dimmer only controls brightness, you need a remote control or the TRÅDFRI app and gateway to adjust colour temperature.



Using the TRÅDFRI app

You can adjust brightness and colour for groups of lights or individual lights directly in the TRÅDFRI app. To adjust the brightness, move the slider to the right. To adjust colour temperature move the slider to the top of the screen, increasing the percentage of warm light. 

TRÅDFRI motion sensor

Using the TRÅDFRI motion sensor

If you want to change the colour/brightness for a bulb connected to the motion sensor, you need the TRÅDFRI app and gateway. 

When the motion sensor is activated, the bulb will turn ON to whatever settings were created in the TRÅDFRI app. 



IKEA has applied a large amount of safety measures to make sure our products are secure and as up-to-date as possible at the time of purchase. IKEA Smart lighting products use the 128-bit AES standard, and are tested and approved in accordance with all applicable standards for wireless products. 

TRÅDFRI products are not bound to any region, and will work in lamps suited to their bulb size.


The radiation is less than that of any WIFI device or mobile phone. However, if you should experience any discomfort due to electricity or radiation sensitivity, we suggest that you use the wall switch to turn off the bulbs, to render them completely powerless.


Once light sources are paired to a steering device, they can only be used together, so there is no risk that neighbouring systems will affect each other.

If other electrical appliances in your home operate on the same frequency (2.4 GHz) and are placed close together, interference is possible. However, the product has been certified according the standards in the DoC (Declaration of Conformity), and should prevent interferences.