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Light steering

How many colour temperatures can the TRÅDFRI light bulb create?

The TRÅDFRI light bulb has 3 different white colours – warm white (2700 K), warm glow (2200 K) and cool white (4000 K).

I have added a white spectrum bulb to my motion sensor. How do I set the cold/warm temperature?

You can do it in the TRÅDFRI app, meaning that you need to have a gateway. You can control brightness and temperature in the TRÅDFRI app. Then, when the motion sensor is activated, the bulb will turn ON to whatever settings were created in the app.

Can individual light sources have different brightness levels?

Yes, you can either use the TRÅDFRI app or each light source will need to have their own remote control or wireless dimmer.

Do IKEA Smart lighting products have a memory function?

Yes. If a light is dimmed while set to a certain colour temperature, it will remember that brightness setting when changed to the next colour.

How can I control individual light sources?

You can control individual light sources with the TRÅDFRI app. If you don’t have the TRÅDFRI app, you will need a separate steering device for each light source. 

Can I turn my light on and off without using a smart device?

Yes, you can use the main power switch, steering device or the TRÅDFRI app.

Can I use normal wall circuits to steer my Smart lighting products?

Yes. The main power switch will work, but only for turning lights on and off, not for dimming or changing colour temperature.

Do I need one steering device (remote control, wireless dimmer or motion sensor) for each light source?

No. One TRÅDFRI steering device can steer up to 10 LED light bulbs, LED panels or LED doors at a time.

Where can I find the pairing button on my steering device?

For the remote control it is located under the remote control lid.
For the wireless dimmer it is located under the top cover.