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LETTAN mirror

IKEA asks customers who have purchased a LETTAN mirror with date stamps before and including 2105 (yyww), or supplier number 21944, and date stamps before and including 2325 (yyww) to stop using it and contact IKEA to order wall fittings free of charge.

IKEA has received reports of the mirrors falling due to the wall fittings breaking, therefore posing the risk of injury. As such, we are issuing a recall for repair for the affected date stamps. Customers are kindly asked to carefully check the date stamps or supplier number on the back of their LETTAN mirrors following the instructions below and order wall fittings free of charge if affected.  

Please read the instructions in the pdf below and to order free spare wall fittings (139298/1), please click here. Please search for 139298 and order 139298/1 if you receive an out-of-stock notification. Quantities have been provided for wall fittings to order for affected LETTAN mirrors below.

Customers can also contact IKEA on 0173 352 0006. Proof of purchase (receipt) is not required. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

*Affected articles

Item Number Item Name Number of wall fittings needed
60435269LETTAN mirror 100x966
00435314LETTAN mirror 40x964
80435305LETTAN mirror 60x964
80435310LETTAN mirror 80x964