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Wireless charging & accessories

From smartphones and tablets to different remote controls: with so many electronic devices we share our lives with, we have to make sure they never run out of battery. Check out our range of cables, wireless chargers and charging stations to find what you need.

We’re making wireless charging easier by building charging pads directly into our furniture. Certain smartphones can be powered up, cable-free, by placing them on top of our lamp bases and pads. 


How does wireless charging work?

The magic behind wireless charging is all down to magnets, or magnetised coils, to be more precise. A wireless charging pad, and a device that is able to be wirelessly charged, will both have magnetised coils inside them. When power is passed through the coil inside the pad (plugged into the wall), it creates an electromagnetic field, also called flux. By placing the two coils next to each other (putting your phone on the pad), the first coil will wirelessly induce an electrical charge in the second, in turn powering up the smartphone’s battery.


What can I charge wirelessly?

The most common wireless charging devices are currently smartphones and smaller supporting devices like smartwatches and earphones. When the setting is turned on, all you have to do is place your device on the pad, and it will begin storing power. 

We also stock furniture and lamps that have wireless charging pads built into them – including NORDMÄRKE, HEKTAR and RIGGAD.