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Travel accessories

New adventures are exciting! Having convenient travel essentials makes it easier to plan and pack. From sets of small bags to neck pillows to umbrellas, our travel accessories and luggage make every trek – to the other side of town or the other side of the world – more relaxing and fun.

Travelling is easier and more comfortable with our range of clever travel accessories. With our accessory and toiletry bags, clothes bags and bag organisers, you’ll be in complete control of your luggage. Add a comfy neck pillow (and a portable drawing kit for the kids) and you can look forward to a pleasant trip.

Clever packing with travel accessories

When packing your bags, it can be challenging keeping your things organised. After all, most bags mainly consist of one or two large compartments intended to hold most of your things. And while this offers enough space for your packing, the result is often a mess of mixed clothes, shoes and gadgets just stuffed inside the bag. That just won’t do it!

With accessory bags and clothes bags inside your suitcase, you can easily sort and separate your belongings. For instance, you might want to keep dirty laundry from unused clothes, underwear from jackets or sneakers from evening gowns.

When you’re on the move, knowing where all your belongings are packed will make traveling easier. Imagine going through airport security and having to empty out your bag to find your passport. With the right travel accessories this is easily sorted; you’ll know exactly where everything is packed since all your things have their dedicated place.

Travel gadgets for comfortable voyages

With your bags optimised for practical efficiency, it’s time to get at the heart of travelling – having an enjoyable time. And a big part of that is ensuring your trip is relaxed and comfortable. That’s why we’ve listed three gadgets that should be mandatory for every traveller.

The first is a neck pillow. It allows you to rest comfortably on flights, bus rides, train rides or even car rides. Choose one that you can easily fold up when not in use for easy packing.

Secondly, you never know when you’ll need an umbrella. Rain can happen at any time, and an umbrella will keep you dry and comfortable. At least until you’re able to find cover.

Last but not least is the humble belt bag. This practical little bag lets you keep your essentials on you at all times. And completely hands-free to boot! If you’d like to carry more gear than what fits in a belt bag, it’s easily combined with a backpack or messenger bag.