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Kids chairs

Kids don't need adult-sized furniture to get comfortable. They can sit on children's chairs of their size, instead. They're durable and simple to keep clean and lightweight, so they're easy to move. We have different styles, including options that you can use both indoors and out.

Build a comfortable study corner for the kids by pairing it with children’s tables created just with your little one in mind.

Kids spent a lot of time sitting from dinner time to craft time and everything in between.  This means comfort, safety and manageability, (and cuteness of course!) are the important aspects to look at when it comes to buying a chair. Our chair ranges come in fun prints and colourful perfect for tea parties to outdoor play

Chair comfortness

Our chairs are just right for a small bum and comfy to sit on when it is time to read, draw or do arts and crafts. May be combined with a children's table to create a small play and reading corner.

Is the chair easy to clean?

Kids have this magic to make everything sticky and scribble everything around them. Our chairs are easy to clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.

How much does the chair weigh?

The robust and lightweight, Children should be able to move the chair on their own without hurting themselves.