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IKEA PS LÖMSK Swivel armchair, white/red

Price £ 79

How to get it

Round and round you go! Your child sets the pace – spinning slowly relaxes; spinning quickly develops the balance. When your child pulls down the hood, it gets a cosy hideaway.

Article Number104.071.36

Product details

With the hood pulled down the armchair is a secret hiding-place for the child.

The fabric lets light in so it's never completely dark under the hood.

Spinning round helps the brain to sort sensory impressions.

Add a cushion or pad for more comfort.


Monika Mulder

  • Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.

  • Material
    100% polyester
    Plastic fitting:
    Reinforced polyamide plastic
    Seat shell/ Seat/ Base cover:
    Polypropylene plastic
    Base plate:
    Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating

    Wash by hand, max 40°C.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dryclean.

    Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.

  • Keep away from fire.Recommended for ages from 3 years.


Width: 59 cm

Depth: 62 cm

Height: 75 cm

Total height: 82 cm

Seat height: 17 cm

  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    IKEA PS LÖMSKArticle Number104.071.36
    This product has multiple packages.

    Width: 54 cm

    Height: 16 cm

    Length: 54 cm

    Weight: 6.14 kg

    Package(s): 1

    Width: 59 cm

    Height: 36 cm

    Length: 79 cm

    Weight: 2.28 kg

    Package(s): 1


UnsafeVerified ReviewerPurphased two of these in the store yesterday for my 2 & 3 year old. Those eggs came out the stand whilst they were in it & one of them landed on one of them and it smacked their head. Absolutely disgusting that these aren’t very secure. I will be returning them1
Childs Chair for child with AutisimVerified ReviewerExcellent chair for our 6 year old autistic granddaughter. She really loves it, and can get the peace and tranquillity she needs by pulling down the cover whilst sitting in the chair, and which she can also rotate using her feet.5
Egg chairVerified ReviewerLove this chair, bought it for my grandaughter who loves sitting in it and swivels5
Great productVerified ReviewerWould definitely recommend this chair my kids love it5
Child's chairVerified ReviewerI like this product and so does my toddler but I think a seat lining to support the back would have been a better more comfortable design - I have to put a cushion in for him!3
Swivel chairVerified ReviewerAbsolutely brilliant my daughter is 5 and loves it! Easy to put together too would recommend to anyone with young children. Very good quality for money5
It isnt a chair its a space pod.Verified ReviewerJust right for our 5 year old Grandson. He loves it.5
Nice sviwel egg chairVerified ReviewerI bought. Two of them and the kids are very happy. They love spinning around on it. They are safe and comfortable5
Verified ReviewerSimple idea well constructed4
Fun and sturdyVerified ReviewerEasy to construct, sturdy but not too heavy, and my daughter loves sitting in it.5
My children love this!Verified ReviewerGreat fun, good for my autistic son!5
Brilliant for autistic sonVerified ReviewerThis swivel egg chair is absolutely brilliant, I was recommended it by the school. It's such a god send & even keeps the toddler entertained. Overall very happy with this purchase.5
Just be perfect granddaughter lovesVerified ReviewerVery well made sturdy easy to clean and practical5
Fun itemVerified ReviewerMy toddler enjoys this chair for reading his books. I think he’ll enjoy it more as he gets a little older. My older kids love this chair. Fun chair which also spins around.5
Excellent ChairVerified ReviewerI bought this for my autistic grandson Rowan and he loves it. Rowan loves to pull the cover down when he sits in it.5
Nice fun pieceVerified ReviewerLove it just wish it came in a range of colours! Like it used to4
IKEA PS LÖMSK Swivel armchair, white/red

A cosy place with a twist

You probably know how childhood memories can stick and become almost magical snapshots in your mind. If you work at IKEA, these memories can inspire you to create new products. Like LÖMSK swivel chair. "As a child I was constantly doing handstands and I loved rocking and spinning. My father's armchair was enticing, so as an adult I had the idea that there should be swivel armchairs adapted for children," says our designer Monika Mulder. She wanted the chair to stimulate imagination, too. So she gave it a hood that can be pulled down to create a secret hiding place.

Since 2003, children throughout the world have spun, hidden and created their own cosy space in LÖMSK swivel armchair. Child psychologist Barbie Clarke, who has researched children and their development, has seen it act like a magnet to children. "Children love things that change into something else. It stimulates the imagination and gives a feeling of having magical powers. And spinning in the armchair is not just a fun game, it also contributes to important physical development,” explains Barbie. “When children climb, hang upside down, run, balance and spin, their sensory systems develop ─ particularly their balance.”

An armchair for more imagination and play

Today, Designer Monika Mulder has four children of her own. "In our home, it has been used as a toy stove, so that sometimes when the room is to be quickly cleaned, everything from the floor is hidden under the pulled down hood. Later in the evening, LÖMSK often looks like a glowing ball when one of the children sits inside it with a tablet." For Monika, the fact that LÖMSK is used in unexpected ways is positive. "In a pretend world, children can comfortably prepare for adult life ─ with nothing predetermined. It’s the imagination of children that decides what LÖMSK should be.”


What is polyester?

Polyester is a durable, quick-drying and insulating material that is optimal to use for textiles and as filling in pillows, quilts and furniture. The material is made from crude oil – a limited resource. Since IKEA doesn’t want to contribute to more virgin oil being used, we are now gradually switching to recycled and traceable polyester from sources like PET bottles. What’s nice is that polyester can be recycled over and over, without changing or losing its great qualities.