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Bar tables

Perfect for giving food a little lift, bar tables make great spots to knock back an early morning coffee or enjoy a quick meal. Ours come in a range of sizes and styles, so you can always find something that suits your taste and space, at a price that suits your budget. Complete your bar area with a few of our bar chairs and stools.

Treat yourself to a place in your home where you can have a drink in peace and quiet, as well as a hearty dinner with friends. A bar table is a cool and clever option for any home, no matter if you have a dedicated dining area or need a smaller kitchen unit. They’re space-saving, nice to hang around, and they look great. We offer a variety of bar tables to make sure you can mix and match with your interior style as you please.

Gather around the bar table

Who says you have to have a grandiose dining table at home? No one. A bar table is just as great to gather around, both for home parties and family dinners. Get yourself a designated bar table or use a high table for bar-related activities.

A private bar in the kitchen

A kitchen bar table is a perfect solution for smaller homes, where sacrificing space for a large dining table is a tough sell. We offer some really space-saving wall-mounted drop-leaf tables - fold them up when in need and fold them back down when you’re done.

A bar table can also be a great solution if you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite. Whether it's the family's standing breakfast in the morning, the children's snack before football practice, or a casual takeaway dinner for you and your partner on a Friday night. Just place a breakfast bar table in the kitchen and you're good to go. Maybe one of our smaller, round or square tables, which are great for smaller groups.

A social bar in the living room

Why not place the bar table in the living room? It creates a relaxed atmosphere and makes for cosy family dinners. And the proximity to a living room sofa is much appreciated when you need to lie down after a big holiday meal. If you have space, you can choose one of our larger tables that can accommodate larger groups of people.

Match and make for the bar table’s sake

We have a large selection of bar tables of different types and designs. Which one you should choose depends mainly on what your interior looks like, and where you intend to place the table.

We have, for example, metal tables that’ll give the space an industrial look, while our wooden tables fit nicely with a natural-toned décor. Match with well-chosen bar stools and chair pads for extra style and comfort, and you’re all set for great evenings and good mornings.