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FiftyFifty – The card game for everyday equality

Let’s make homes more equal this International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day (8th March), we’re taking on inequality in the home with the launch of a free digital game, FiftyFifty on Instagram Stories. Developed in collaboration with relationship expert Jennie Miller, FiftyFifty takes couples, housemates, friends and co-workers on a journey to explore the roles and dynamics in our homes in a positive way.


The division of household chores can be challenging at the best of times, but the situation has been exacerbated further by the addition of home working and schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Did you know that women are doing up to three times more unpaid care and domestic work than men?

*FiftyFifty provides a pause button to help us all, regardless of gender, revaluate and re-set our home life through open and honest conversation; helping to resolve any imbalances.


To launch the game and inspire as many people as possible to play, IKEA has partnered with Swedish singer, and activist for gender equality, Zara Larsson. Watch a short film below to see Zara unveil the FiftyFifty game and explore why this cause is close to her heart.

Play now on Instagram Stories

Celebrate everyday equality with Zara Larsson

On International Women's Day, Zara will host a free virtual gig, using her unique voice and platform to speak openly about an issue that is close to her heart in a unique set built by IKEA to celebrate everyday equality. The gig will be streamed at 6pm GMT, 8th March, on her YouTube channel.

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*The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

A man and a woman are sitting at a table in a kitchen enjoying a meal. They are both laughing.

Our equality journey

Gender equality is an important part of IKEA’s transformation journey, and IKEA is committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation is valued equally for their contributions. Some of our achievements and commitments to create a fairer and more inclusive world for customers and co-workers include:

• Throughout the pandemic, working closely with co-workers to offer flexible working options, especially those challenged with care-related responsibilities, which included changes to working hours and days – whilst guaranteeing 100% contractual hours pay.

• Ingka Group reaching 50/50 gender balance in management positions.

• Gender equality is integrated into all of IKEA’s work processes, from recruitment to promotion and succession. In FY20, IKEA created new digital unconscious bias training, accessible to all co-workers and reviewed and refined its interview processes to mitigate unconscious bias.

• IKEA stands against gender-based violence; supporting those affected by domestic violence through its Employee Assistance Programme in all countries where it operates and helping women’s shelters through emergency community support measures.

• IKEA has committed to gender equal pay across Ingka Group by the end of 2021.

• By 2022, IKEA wants 50/50 gender balance in all boards, stores and everything in between.

A father and his child are taking out clean bedding from a washing machine and putting it in an IKEA BLASKA laundry basket.

FiftyFifty conversation starters:

Don’t have Instagram? No problem. Take a look at our FiftyFifty questions below.


1. What’s the best thing about sharing a home with you? Don’t be modest.

2. Name the best and worst house chores.

3. How many hours a week do you spend on housework?

4. Do you do any behind-the-scenes housework that goes unnoticed?

5. What’s your worst home habit?

6. Ever think, “I’ll just get on and do it myself”, and then feel grumpy and unappreciated?

7. Pretend it’s before you moved in together. What talk do you wish you’d had in terms of responsibilities?

8. “One thing I appreciate my partner doing at home is…”

9. “One thing I could do more of at home is…”