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IKEA Campaigns

A "More space" logo is placed on a green background. IKEA storage solution is depicted in the right corner.

If you need more space...

Instead of spending thousands on a new home, try upsizing your current home with savvy storage solutions from IKEA.

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Show off your savvy

Show off your savvy

These days it’s not all about who has the biggest house with the most expensive furniture. In 2023 smart is the new rich, so go on, brag about your washable sofa covers, flex your water saving tap nozzle, gloat about your extendable coffee table and don’t fight back the urge to boast while you host because it’s time to ‘Show off your savvy’. 

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A giant meatball, is being carved into slices.

Embrace a new tradition this Christmas

We all love a slice of turkey or a delectable nut roast on our Christmas dinner, but with the rising costs of tradition, it might be time to start a new one. Why not make IKEA meatballs, plantballs or veggieball your new star of Christmas dinner?

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Video: The video of a woman sitting at a messy desk stacked high with books, papers, and files. It pans to the same woman at her desk, but now it's tidy and organised ready for her to work. The IKEA logo appears.

Behind every mess is a new possibility

Often, a little inspiration can set you on your way to creating spaces that work for you. Sorting your prized possessions and beloved belongings - deciding whether to organise your home to create more space, or proudly display the things you love. We got you.

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Savvy ways to save space

Savvy ways to save space

Wouldn’t it be great if life at home could always feel tidy and totally relaxing? In a word, it can. And that word is: storage. With storage to meet every challenge, you’ll have more home to enjoy. And that’s what we call showing a bit of savvy.

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Make your home warmer, spare your budget and live more sustainably with these affordable solutions and actionable ideas. 
Tips and ideas to make your wedding day uniquely you. A few simple DIY tips can help take the pressure off the big day, and make this special time a little more unique.
IKEA and The National Lottery Community Fund We have come together to support sustainable communities across the UK through the pilot partnership ‘Places called home’.  

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Man and women sat in an IKEA Restaurant

Visit us in-store for a modern taste of Sweden

From Swedish meatballs to coffee and cakes, we have a variety of food for everyone in our Restaurants, Bistros and Swedish Food Markets.

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A bedroom interior with a single bed in the center of it.

Your home. On your terms.

With our Finance services, there’s always more than one way to pay. And whether you prefer to pay over time or in one go, we can help you find a financing solution that matches your dreams.

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