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Interior design trends 2024 – 7 trends to decorate your home with

Personal, multifunctional and colourful – lots of colour

How do we decorate in 2024? Think unexpected combinations, during the year we will see lots of maxed out mixes. We've rounded up some of the most prominent interior design trends for 2024.

Interior design trend 1: Colour, colour and more colour

In 2024, we will see how the red colour is used as everything from accent colour in interior design, to taking over larger spaces in the home. Although neutral shades are among the colour trends in 2024, the colour chart is significantly richer in colours than in previous years. And according to Pantone, it's Peach Fuzz that counts.

Discover this year's color: Peach Fuzz
Discover this year's color: Peach Fuzz

Interior design trend 2: Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design is more popular than ever in 2024. Characteristics of the style are very much about clean lines and functionality. But in the austere aesthetic there are also elements of playfulness. 

Interior design trend 3: More is more (and just right in time)

After many years of minimalism where a stripped-down style has been the focus, a more cozy feeling in the home is now taking over. Mix and match (or not) just as you feel like. Pile on the walls with paintings, lots of textiles, colour, patterns and details that tell your story.

Interior design trend 4: Painted expression

Even within the slightly narrower category of wall decoration and posters, you can see that 2024 will bring some new trends. For a long time, line art and photographs have been what should adorn the walls, but now you see a slightly different direction and a nod to old oil paintings.

Interior design trend 5: Retro of the future

Good interior design trends are still going strong and this is one of those. Coloured glass, playful shapes, strong colours and patterns are seen in abundance in the interior design in 2024 just as it did in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. For this trend, the second-hand market is a gold mine!

Interior design trend 6: One piece of furniture – multiple functions

Everything from furniture with multiple functions that are excellent in smaller homes where space is in short supply to interior details that can surprise and have multiple uses. It's all about smart design.

Interior Trend 7: Geometric Patterns

Lately, both more colour and more pattern can be seen in interior design trends. In 2024, we will see geometric patterns, inspired by the 60s pattern images, take a real step into people's homes.

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