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Give your outdoor space an instant style boost with decking

No matter how big or small your balcony is, there’s one simple thing that can make it look instantly stylish and put together: floor decking. Outdoor flooring is easy to install; just click the tiles together. It makes your space cosier and more pleasant to walk on too. Kick off your shoes and enjoy!

See all outdoor flooring
See all outdoor flooring
Storage tips on how to maximise an outdoor area.

Storage to level up your patio

Outdoor cabinets, storage boxes and shelves give you lots of useful storage space – and with everything well-organised you can unlock your patio for so much more.

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Create harmony with matching outdoor styles

Get all the seating, tables and storage you need to take your indoor comfort outside.

TORPARÖ series
ÄPPLARÖ series
LÄCKÖ series
TORDH system


A professional service – at home or at work

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Payment options

How to pay, in store and online

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Quick guides to a more sustainable home

Light up long evenings outdoors

Colourful solar-powered lighting brings the sun's warmth to your evening mood.

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See all outdoor lighting