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Explore IKEA's distinctive furniture collection, your destination for exceptional and one-of-a-kind pieces. Browse an extensive selection of bedroom furnishings, office setups, living room arrangements, outdoor options, and more. Make your furniture purchases conveniently through IKEA's online.

Maximum storage, minimal clutter

Directly below the television is a great spot to utilise for storage space. Choosing a wide tv bench with drawers and shelving means you can store unsightly items like remote controls, games consoles and cables. Adding boxes and inserts on the shelves will keep your living room looking clean and uncluttered.

See all TV benches
See all TV benches

On display, hidden or in-between?

Introducing the perfect me-time buddy. The new IDANÄS coffee table comes with three storage layers: the top is for the things you want to show off (hello, grandma’s china!), the middle area works as a bookshelf and the bottom drawers are a clever clutter hideaway.

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A dark-brown-stained IDANÄS coffee table with a low stack of books in its midsection compartment, and vases on top.
A dark-brown-stained IDANÄS coffee table with vases on the tabletop and books visible through its glass top.
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Easy to access and nice to look at

Open storage units give a feeling space and fluidity to your space. More interesting to look at than traditional closed cabinets, you can display the things you love like plants and decorations. For the stuff you’re not so proud of, use inserts and boxes to hide it away and keep a streamlined look.

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White EKENABBEN open shelving unit holds storage baskets, books and stationary in a bright living room setting.
A white SKRUVBY bookcase with decorative items, storage boxes with lids and magazine files stands against a white wall.
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Straight lines have never been more flexible

At home, in any home, space is precious. The new ÄLVDALEN sofa-bed goes effortlessly from sofa to bed to a fully folded out, all-purpose lounge area, helping you connect the dots of that everyday puzzle.

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An orange room with a Knisa grey-beige ÄLVDALEN sofa-bed placed in its sofa position with its cushions neatly arranged.
A Knisa grey-beige ÄLVDALEN sofa-bed placed in its folded-out position, with bedding accessories neatly arranged on it.
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Give this side table a side hustle

KVISTBRO storage table has room to be so much more than just a place to rest your books and coffee cup.

Video: A KVISTBRO storage table from above filled with different items moving to a side view with marbles spilling out of it.
A KVISTBRO storage table pictured from above to show the lid placed slightly to the side to reveal the empty storage space.


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Create a Perfect Dining Room

Your dining area serves as a hub for various activities throughout the day, extending beyond mere tables and chairs. We offer a diverse range of styles, be it farmhouse, traditional, or modern, to cater to your preferences.

Feel free to mix and match tables and chairs to achieve your desired aesthetic. Our dining tables come in sizes suitable for both cozy nooks and larger spaces. Additionally, we provide extendable tables to accommodate extra guests or create more room when needed. When it comes to chairs, our selection is comprehensive, featuring folding and adjustable options, benches, and barstools. You can also enhance comfort and protect against mealtime mishaps with our machine-washable chair covers and cushions.

To bring your dream dining room to life, consider adding a side table for additional storage, ideal for displaying your favorite frames & pictures for gatherings with loved ones. The addition of plants, wall decor, and centerpieces will infuse brightness into your space, turning your dream dining room into a reality.

The Heart of Your Bedroom

Center your bedroom around the bed, where you spend a third of your life asleep. Yet, creating a peaceful oasis requires more than just the bed. Experiment with different furniture colors and materials, introduce textiles for a cozy atmosphere, and don't forget a soft carpet for those mornings. Layer curtains for privacy and light control, choose soothing wall colors, and add wooden elements like robe racks and bedside tables for a tranquil touch. Keep the space clutter-free for better sleep. Explore our wide range to find everything you need for a calming bedroom.We have made it our purpose to have a wide range of affordable furniture available. All to make sure you, and your personality, can truly shine through in all aspects of your home!

Here are some answers to a few questions you might have

What are the best IKEA storage solutions for a small bedroom?
IKEA offers versatile storage solutions like under-bed drawers, wardrobe units with sliding doors, and modular shelving with optional drawers, perfect for small bedrooms

What are the best IKEA outdoor furniture options for a patio or balcony?
When furnishing a patio or balcony, you can explore IKEA's range of outdoor furniture designed for various spaces and needs, providing both style and functionality

What are the best IKEA furniture pieces for kids' rooms?
IKEA offers a variety of great furniture pieces for kids' rooms, including bunk beds, storage units, colorful desks, and playful accessories like wall shelves and rugs.