A helping hand to fresh and organize

Put an end to clutter! Reorganise and refresh with these clever ideas.

For a fresh, functional bathroom

Give your bathroom a refresh with our smart bathroom solutions and brand new towels in refreshing colours!

  • Even in your family, towels should not be shared. To make it easy every day, use different colors of towels or hooks, to tell them apart.
  • No extra hooks in your bathroom? No worries, with our no-drill suction cup hooks, you can install some extra easily.

Keep your home clean & organize

A clean house starts with organizing, Create a clean, clutter-free and organized home to make everyday life better

  • Organizing and storing cleaning detergent, out of reach of children in leak-proof boxes.
  • Closed boxes with lids, for items that should not gather dust or are not used often.
  • Store things in see-through boxes, so you can find easily them.

Stay healthy with proper food hygiene

Caring for your food leads to keeps it healthy and fresh for longer. At IKEA UAE, we serve our best tips on how to store your food and keep it healthy.

  • Washing and preparing food the right way, is key for storing food for long times.
  • Washing, cutting, peeling, cooking, storing and when it's all done, enjoying!