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Wireless charging

Chargers you’ll actually want everywhere

Our range of wireless chargers blend in beautifully with your home, and can be placed where you need them the most. All without having to chase after outlets or hide messy cables.

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Charging made simple
We’ve created a collection that make charging a lot more available, yet a lot less obvious. We call these products wireless chargers, because that’s what they are: a range of products that make it possible to charge your smartphone, without messy cables. From charging pads to furniture with built-in charging spots, you have a greater choice of where to charge.
How does it work?
Many smartphones support the wireless charging standard (Qi), but sometimes it needs to be activated in the phone’s settings. Other phones will simply need a cover to make them work. VITAHULT charging covers are available at the IKEA stores.

VARV Floor lamp w/charging,LED bulb $139.00
Phones that supports wireless charging:
• BlackBerry® Z30
• BlackBerry® Passport
• BlackBerry® Classic
• BlackBerry® Passport
• Google® Nexus 4
• Google® Nexus 5
• Google® Nexus 6
• Google® Nexus 7
• Motorola® Droid Maxx
• Nokia® Lumia 920
• Nokia® Lumia 928
• Nokia® Lumia 929
• Nokia® Lumia 930
• Nokia® Lumia 1020
• Nokia® Lumia 1520
• Samsung® Galaxy S5
• Samsung® Galaxy S6
• Samsung® Galaxy S6 Edge
• Samsung® Galaxy Note 4
Phones that needs VITAHULT cover to support wireless charging:
• Samsung® Galaxy S3
• Samsung® GALAXY S4
• Samsung® Galaxy S5
• Apple® iPhone 4/4S
• Apple® iPhone 5/5S
• Apple® iPhone 6
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Charge up in any room
Curious about where you could charge up? Put your phone to rest on NORDMÄRKE single pad while experimenting in the kitchen. Integrate JYSSEN wireless charger into your coffee table so that your phone charges while you charge up on caffeine. Never worry about running out of battery and missing the important wake up call thanks to VARV table lamp with wireless charging.
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Powerful from
bulb to base
RIGGAD work lamp has been recognized by iF DESIGN AWARDS and honored with an iF label in category Lighting. You could call it a bright stress-reducer thanks to its hidden charger puck inside the lamp base. So, while you focus on your work, RIGGAD focuses on charging your phone - no cables needed.
With its adjustable arm and head get a focused light that is just right for you. Simply put - a bright way to reduce the mess of cables and the stress of running out of phone battery.
“I wanted the charger to blend in easily to make charging a natural part of your home, but it was equally important that it was easy to use. The result is a charging pad with a simple yet interesting design.”
Photo of David Wahl, designer at IKEA of Sweden AB
David Wahl, designer at IKEA of Sweden AB